Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Mish-Mash Of Mush-Mosh

I haven’t got much done this past week, between my cold and the weather. Two days, I did absolutely nothing. I have managed to get a little wood drug up by my wood pile and throw some smaller limbs down by the brush heap, plus trim a couple poles on which I’ll stack small piles of wood (about 1/5 of a face cord). Next year, I may try selling some bundles, as they would bring more money per cord than selling “bulk.” I cleaned some tools out of the back of my truck, in preparation for putting a couple other things in for winter driving. I also whacked the extra length from my mattock handle. I may do a picture and a few comments on the subject later this week. Incidentally, feel free to follow me on Facebook, too. I repost links on religion, politics, homesteading, gardening, survival, prepping and anything else that strikes my fancy. Look for MY name, though, not the blog name.

I found some unopened multi-symptom cough syrup under my bathroom counter which came in handy for a couple days. I had to back off on it, though, as it was making my sinuses TOO dry and seemed to be affecting my sense of smell. My wife’s cooking smelled like she was using a mix of stale olive oil and paraffin to cook with and it nearly made me sick every time she cooked. She just switched to Chinamart butter from the good stuff, though, so it might be that. Then again, I guess I could be pregnant.

Finally, my doc’s office called back yesterday (the 28th), after leaving a message on the 18th for me to call them on the 21st. I called them then, and on the 22nd, and yesterday. It turns out that now that the staff is back to doing their job, the doc is off all week. I’m planning on being in his office when he comes in Tuesday and waiting to see him, even if I have to camp there a couple days. I’m hoping to get some hormone replacement for what my meds (or my age and weight) have killed off so I can resolve a certain problem that I’ve discussed here before. The nurse told me, though, that Medicaid won’t usually cover that sort of thing, and it costs $150 a month if you buy it yourself. Maybe I’ll just get a sex change; Obama would probably pay for it!

It’s supposed to rain here tomorrow, but I’d gladly give it to Tennessee and Israel if I could. Terrorists set the fires in Israel, and they plan on doing the same here, I’ve read. Who knows, some of the ones down south may have been started by ragheads. I’ve said all along that it’s time that we go back to shooting looters and vandals on sight; maybe it’s time we do the same with arsonists, especially if they think that they’ll be rewarded with 72 perpetual virgins. We’d be doing them a favor; don’t you think?

They keep showing the picture and giving the name of the campus cop that killed the latest terrorist at OSU. I guess they want to set him up to be murdered in revenge by another raghead. People have no sense. Of course, what can we expect from folks who probably voted for Killary?

Well, that’s probably as much of my blather and diatribes as you can handle for today; I hope you recover if it was too much. I WILL ask you to pray for the folks where the wildfires are burning, both here and in Israel. May God bless the ones who do so. © 2016


Ralph Goff said...

Well Gorges, I'd gladly drop off a load of firewood logs for you if it wasn't so far. I need to chain saw a bunch of green poplars that the beavers have dropped on the fence line and I'll likely have to just pile and burn them having no wood heat in the house anymore.
Cost of drugs is outrageous, even the legal ones. But then so is food. Pretty well every time I come home with groceries I have to go check the bill item by item to see if thee is some mistake. I can't believe i just carried over $70 worth of groceries in one hand! But I did!

Gorges Smythe said...

I'd love to have them too, Ralph, but I can't afford your gas down and back! - lol - As for food, we keep coming back from the store every week with less than we got the week before, even though we're spending the same money. I'm beginning to wonder when our budget will get to the breaking point.