Sunday, November 20, 2016

I Almost Didn’t Type This Up

The missus and I had a very enjoyable time with “the kids” (my stepson and his wife) and our youngest granddaughter yesterday. They’re good kids and we love them dearly; unfortunately, they’re also a couple of third party voters. As many of you know, I’ve been rather vocal this election on folks throwing their votes away, so I was concerned about putting this out there, since they might think that it was done for them. It isn’t, but you KNOW that I can’t keep my mouth shut when something’s on my mind!

All across the country, there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people who chose to waste their votes. I’ve said enough as to why I think that is, for the most part, so I won’t dissect that political corpse fully today. As I think about it, though, the only way that I can fathom a person squandering their precious vote on an obvious loser in a race between multiple candidates, is if they believe that the outcome is a foregone conclusion. I’m not saying that’s really the case, I’m just saying that’s the only conceivable reason THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND.

This election was such an obvious night and day situation that no-one could think otherwise without lying to themselves. Trump may not be very likable at times, but he is NOT deliberately and thoroughly evil like Hillary. Unfortunately, the last couple of generations have been turned into “touchy-feely” wimps by our socialist school system. As a result, they just didn’t “feel” that they could vote for Trump, since he wasn’t all warm and fuzzy.

Despite what some folks like to say, this election was NOT a landside, only the Electoral College, that system that prevents places like New York and California from running the whole country, made it LOOK that way due to the winner-take-all rules in most states. Let’s pretend for a minute that the election eventually came down to awaiting the voting results of ONE state. Perhaps, even a small one like West Virginia with its five little votes in the Electoral College. And let’s further pretend that the vote was so close here that Hillary had won by ONE vote, and so she won the election. Would those third party voters still feel so smug about their “feelings” and their righteousness, KNOWING that THEY were the ones responsible for electing the most vile, corrupt person to the presidency in the entire history of the United States?

THAT is the danger of throwing your vote away on predictable losers to spite someone else. EVERY election has the potential to be that close. YOUR individual vote might be the one that throws your state’s electoral votes to one candidate or the other. It is the nation’s very survival that can be at stake; it is the future of your children and grandchildren that is ALWAYS at stake. All-in-all, I see very little difference between the maturity of throwing away of a precious vote, that past generations have LITERALLY fought and died to give you, and the “snowflakes” with their coloring books in the “crying rooms” of America’s colleges. © 2016

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