Friday, November 11, 2016

I wonder

As usual, I got up on the wrong side of the bed today—twice. Suffice it to say that it involved the little woman and the little dog. Order was restored by early lunch time, so I sat in her nib’s bedroom/TV room and watched Obama “place” a wreath at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier in complete silence. The silence was due to the TV being on mute, the missus being in the kitchen and the remote being lost somewhere in her tangle of covers on the opposite side of the room. Watching a silent TV isn’t ALL bad, I’ve learned, for you can supply your own script.

This time, though, I was watching and thinking about our out-going so-called president. Unless I missed something, he seemed to behave himself today. He looked somber and respectful as the situation should merit. There was no crotch salute or arrogant rhetoric from what I could see. I had to wonder, of course, whether his somber demeanor might be due to the knowledge that he would soon be kissing his position as big cheese good-bye forever. After Trump’s inauguration, he’ll have to pay for his own golf games and vacations. I’m sure it troubles him that his so-called “legacy” may soon be only a small, ugly pimple scar on America’s backside.

Could it be, at this late moment, that he was realizing the years of lost opportunity to do something positive for the nation? Could it be that, far too late, he was realizing the great privilege that he had been given by being entrusted with the leadership of this nation? Could it be that at the last moment, he has gained a tiny mote of wisdom about what he had won and squandered? Sadly, I seriously doubt if that’s the case. © 2016


Caddie said...

And let us not forget the many outrageously costly vacations we taxpayers footed the bill for! $200,000 for an hours time of flying? btw, how many hours flying time to Hawaii? AND, did we pay for Michelle's wild dresses? Wow, how we taxpayers got soaked and suckered! btw, who was keeping the store while Obama was out campaigning all those times for ms. hil LIAR y. I resent his out moonlighting with that little extra chore. Well hurray, it didn't help!

Now if only our incoming man can do something about the monstrously high wages politicians are "earning". We taxed ones need a break somewhere along the line. I have faith for the future.

sig94 said...

It could be the image of an orange jump suit and prison food that gives him pause. But then again there's those bitchin' prison exercise yard pick up basketball games to look forward to.

Chickenmom said...

He and the moose will not go quietly into the night. You can bet on it.

Gorges Smythe said...

I know that they'll fight him every step of the way, Caddie, but maybe he can still get a few things done to help us.

LOL - There's a silver lining to every cloud, sig!

Cm, did you hear Obama say that he's going to be in D.C. "keeping and eye" on Trump? I cracked up!