Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Good, The Bad, And The Boring

I had a really upsetting dream after I took the pooch out before dawn. My dad has been gone for 32 years now but, in my dream, he and I were working out in our tree fields and caught someone stealing limestone from our driveway. The two scoundrels ran off with Dad in hot pursuit, but left their truck in place. In the distance, I saw about a dozen guys join the other two and start beating Dad to the point where he ended up on the ground, apparently unconscious, with a couple guys still beating on him. I started to go to his rescue, but knew it would be the same for me if I did, so I hoped he’d still be alive on my return and started running for the house to get a rifle. That’s when I woke up, heart racing and breathing like I’d been running.

That’s the first time that I’ve ever had such a dream. I had to wonder why and asked the Lord if there was a lesson in it. I can’t say that I received an answer, but the thought went through my head that we live in dangerous times and I hadn’t been packing my pistol lately. Who’s to say?

This afternoon, I took the missus to the Chinamart on the other side of town to pick up a couple things the other one didn’t have yesterday. While she was shopping, I went next door to Lowe’s and picked up a couple blades for my battery-powered reciprocal saw by DeWalt (think little yellow Sawzall). Sadly, the blades are made in China anymore. I suppose the saw motors are, too. I don’t think they were when I originally bought mine several years ago. At least I can get out onto my roof now, with a little work at cutting out my bedroom window.

When I got home, I discovered that I’m blocked from posting on Facebook for 24 hours, because I advertised a firearm on a buy-sell-trade site. Actually, I’ve done it before, and so have others, but some “Good Samaritan” must have complained. I can’t even “like” someone else’s post. In fact, the system tried its best to keep me off Facebook entirely, but I persisted and it finally let me on, for whatever difference it made. They may allow the next thing to porn on there, and tell lies as big as all outdoors, but at least they’re doing their thing to fight “gun violence!” Kinda makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, seeing how they care about us like they do.

I had a headache, when we got back from Chinamart, so I didn’t immediately go outside and do some work as I should have, so the “early” darkness caught me before I felt any better. After missing three hours of sleep after my dream this morning, I could have used a nap, but didn’t get it. It’s gonna be a looooong evening. We’ll watch the Kilcher’s at nine, I realize that even on THAT show, some things are probably primarily for the camera, but being country folks, the missus and I find it the most realistic “reality” show on the air. A couple of the folks are a little goofy, but I don’t think that part is put on.

I hope to get up a little earlier this week, so I can cut some firewood to sell. It’s supposed to be cool, but nice, all week. Hopefully, my chainsaw will start without the carburetor needing “de-gummed” from sitting too long (probably three months at this point). I may cut a few bean poles and tomato stakes this winter to sell next spring, too. We used to sell a LOT of them, but life was very different then. I guess I’ll find out if there’s still a market. © 2016

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