Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thoughts And Observations For The Day

The other day, the missus pulled her small Christmas tree down that she puts in the back room. Today, she had me steady her while she pulled a couple boxes of Christmas CD’s off the top shelf in the laundry room. I’ll be bombarded with joy, sentimentality and melodic religion for the next couple months, but at least I may get a break from a few moronic TV shows during that time. I wonder if she can wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the larger tree in the front room. Some years she makes it and some she doesn’t.

I got the front of the yard mowed yesterday, since it was supposed to rain today. My backside couldn’t handle the extra half-hour needed to mow the back section around the house, so I got up a little earlier today to mow it before the rain came. Alas, it had sprinkled just enough to make the fallen leaves too wet to mess with. Instead of blowing away and being dispersed, they would have turned into mushy windrows on the right side of the mower. I guess I’ll wait until a cooler but drier day to finish.

The Mighty Dachshund and I did a little porch sitting this morning, since I couldn’t mow. Though it had sprinkled, it wasn’t raining, but it SOUNDED like rain. Distant traffic, trains and airplanes were easily heard. Unfortunately, so was the music coming from the workshop of the roofer next door. He apparently decided not to chance getting on a roof today, only to be rained off. The birds were quiet, though, even though they were plentiful and active in the edge of the woods. Except for the sounds of man, the natural world was in a hush, as if the sprinkle had settled something more than a bit of dust. Maybe it’s just the near silence of winter settling in early.

We had another good crop of acorns from the white oaks in our lawn this year. I’ve always wanted to try making bread with them, but it’s awfully hard for me to reach that low for the amount of time needed to harvest them. Plus, you have only about a week before they start trying to sprout. I think next year I’ll lay down a tarp to let them fall on. That should make them much easier to collect.

The missus fixed a good lunch today—pork chops, corn and sweet potatoes. After nearly 34 years, I’ve almost learned to bite my tongue when it comes to my wife’s antics. I was eating in the back room with the dog, and the TV was on mute. The missus was eating in the kitchen so the dog wouldn’t beg her for HER food, which was the same as she’d been given anyway. For some reason, the missus came to the back room, turned the TV to one of those infernal “cooking” shows, turned up the sound and went back to the kitchen! She has a TV in there, so I don’t know her reasoning. She honestly didn’t do it to spite me; her mind was just in some other world. Later, we were watching the local news, when she thought of something in the kitchen she wanted to do, so she turned down the sound and left. It wouldn’t have been so bad, if it hadn’t been right before the weather, which is the only part of the local news I really care about. I think she spent so many years here by herself when I was working that she’s just never adjusted to the fact that there’s another person in the house now.

The pooch turned up her nose at the pork. Eventually, she’ll get hungry enough to eat it anyway. She loves to snub her food, whatever it may be. I guess it makes her feel superior, like a cat.

I seem to have a headache, I think I’ll lay down a spell, before I have to take my wife out later to battle her ennui. As I sit in my minuscule office and post this, Kenny and Dolly are in the back room singing “I’ll be Home With Bells On!”© 2016


Ralph Goff said...

Just my opinion Gorges, but its at least a month early to be hearing Christmas songs. You guys haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, right?

deborah harvey said...

you have my utmost sympathy.
when she turned the sound down you should have said, 'i want to hear the weather, please.'.
or would she balk?

i suggest earplugs.

it is bad enough when that stuff started the day after Thanksgiving, but the Christmas crap has already been out well before all hallows' eve.
and now you will be bombarded for 2 months instead of 'just' one.

Lady Locust said...

I'm sorry, but of all you said my mind got stuck on that last line "Nooooo!" It's just too early. I like Thanksgiving so don't want to rush through Nov.

Sixbears said...

When I was a teenager I worked at a place called Santa's Village. During that summer I listened to my lifetime supply of Christmas songs. I have room for no more.

Gorges Smythe said...

My opinion matches yours, Ralph, but she's a good cook, so there's no need to offend her! ;-)

Worse things could happen, dh! Maybe she'll listen to music on Wednesdays now, instead of watching "The Little Women of LA."

Sorry, LL, I didn't MEAN to do it!

I can understand that, Sixbears, though they don't bother me really.

Joy said...

I like reading about your days.