Saturday, November 5, 2016

Trivia Du Jour (2 pics)

I took the missus to Chinamart today. Before I went in, I picked what I’m sure is the last batch of wild greens for the year. I got about an even mix of dandelion and dock, with a little plantain thrown in. I got a handicapped cart from a lady who was leaving and went inside and got the bottled water, so my wife wouldn’t have to lift it. I tried looking around, but was bored to near death, so I finally just parked in the magazine section and tried to snooze until the missus was ready to go. I hated to tie up the cart, but I didn’t have any cash on me, so I couldn’t pay for the water and go to the truck. That’s the problem with letting the missus handle all the money, I guess. It seems to make her feel “empowered,” as the libbers like to call it, so I figure it’s good for her, though.

The first Woodwright show today didn’t interest me, so I set the alarm for an hour later and was nearly asleep when my wife brought a bowl of chili, a stack of saltless saltines, and a bottle of green tea upstairs to me. Apparently, she was hungry, so expected me to be, also. I wasn’t, but so as not to make a scene, I thanked her and ate it anyway (only half the saltines, actually). Of course that ruined any chance for a nap, at least until my meal settled, so I unset the alarm and watched Ol’ Roy anyway. Then I channel surfed for a half-hour, hoping against all hope to find something worth watching, but I didn’t. Then, I watched Ol’ Roy on the OTHER PBS station. He’s getting rather stupid in his old age. Today, he tried linking Muhammad Ali’s comment about butterflies and bees to antique woodworking tools. To call it a stretch would be an understatement. To call it just plain stupid would be perfectly accurate. Of course, he probably burned out a lot of brain cells in his younger days, so maybe it’s understandable. His newer shows are getting disappointing.

I haven’t mentioned yet that I got my lawn’s final mowing done the day after I started it. It was supposed to rain later that day, but never did. So, I got up a little earlier than normal (for me) the next day before it rained THAT day. Unfortunately, it had sprinkled just enough before I arose to get the leaves thoroughly wet. We did a few things around the house, then I took the missus on a short jaunt to town to get her out of the house. When we came home, it still hadn’t rained, so I decided to take a nap and then mow even if the leaves WERE still a little damp. When I got up, it had sprinkled AGAIN, but not enough to wet the leaves too badly, so I started mowing anyway. About halfway through, it began misting. Then, it began sprinkling. Gradually, it sprinkled a little harder and a little harder. Finally, it began to actually rain. Then, about a half-hour into my mowing, and about two minutes before I finished, the bottom completely fell out of the clouds above me. I was soaked to the skin, but BY GOLLY, I GOT’ER DONE! I then parked the mower under the deck, covered it with a tarp and hobbled to the porch. There are a couple spots along the edges of the lawn that could be tidied up a tiny bit more but, if I don’t get to them, no harm done.

I finally got tired of looking at cow butts on my computer screen (first photo) so I changed to the shot from my porch you folks have seen before (second photo). © 2016

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Gail said...

Nice pictures.

We've fresh deer meat and are very grateful.

God knows how to paint the sunsets. I wish I were as good an artist.

Have a great weekend.

Gorges Smythe said...

I envy you the deer meat, I wish my wife would eat it; we'd save a little on the food bill.

Sixbears said...

Over the years my lovely wife and I have swapped out how we do the finances. We used to both handle it, but then sometimes a bill would get paid twice while others were not paid at all. When I got injured and was in bad shape she handled it. When she had to retire some of her meds make her forget things so I have to deal with it.

Then there was the time neither of us paid bills as we didn't have any money. In the end everyone was make whole, much to the surprise of a few of them.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sometimes we have to do what we have to do, Sixbears. Flexibility is good.