Friday, November 18, 2016

We ALMOST Had A Good Day

It was a warm and beautiful day here today and, since there was a place several miles east of town that I wanted to go, I asked my wife if she’d like to take a ride. So, we headed east on the four-lane incarnation of the old Northwestern Pike until we came to the first loop of the old two-lane. We prefer the back roads when they’re available. We had a good time seeing the countryside and an occasional splotch of color on the otherwise leafless hills. It had been over a year since I’d been out that way driving dump truck. It may have been TWO years since I’d taken my wife out that way. There’s not much money for gas anymore, so we stay pretty close to home.

The missus wasn’t thrilled when I stopped at a gun shop to see if they carried a couple spouts for my black powder flasks. Unfortunately, they didn’t stock them. I guess I’ll have to order them online, since the local shop that used to stock them doesn’t seem to be open anymore.

Not two minutes after we left the shop, still heading east, the truck started acting like it had a tire out of balance or lose lug nuts. It came on so suddenly, that I pretty much ruled out the latter. I stopped and checked to see if a low tire was the problem, but they all looked normal. With my wife, everything is either perfect or unbearable; there’s never any middle ground. SO, instead of proceeding cautiously, nothing would do but that we end our trip several miles sooner than intended, turn around and flee homeward on the four-lane. I was pretty disgusted, but neither logic nor argument has any clout with her, so we came home.

The truck behaved perfectly the whole way back, so it may have just been a matter of traveling a rough stretch of road at just the wrong speed. I’ll double-check the lug nuts tomorrow, but if it acts up again, I’ll take my salsa red Toyota lemon to the tire shop Monday and have them check the balance on the tires. I guess one of the wheels could have thrown a weight, considering all the potholes we have around here.

I DID manage to salvage my own day slightly, by installing the tires on my sawmill frame and using the lawn tractor to pull it from the bench below the house to the backyard. Naturally, that didn’t please the missus, but I can work on it easier there and get it finished up. Having always been used to having a sawmill in the family until about 15 years ago, it really torques me to see lumber prices so high that I can’t even afford to buy stock for SMALL projects anymore. I plan on that changing soon.

The pooch and I had a good porch sit before it got dark, so the day ended pretty well for the two of us. Bad weather may soon be here, though. BAH! HUMBUG! © 2016


Vicki said...

Sometimes almost a good day is all we can hope for. A day that ends with a porch sit with the Mighty Dachshund can't be all bad. :)

Ralph Goff said...

Too cold to sit on the porch here at 12 degrees this morning. Would be a good time for a wood burning stove but I'll have to get by with gas.

Harry Flashman said...

I'm with your wife. If something goes wrong with the vehicle I want to head back into familiar territory, least I wind up broken down in some town where I don't know anybody and get ripped off.

Gorges Smythe said...

Very true, Vicki.

I'm surprised you don't have a wood stove, Ralph, at least for back-up.

Well, Harry, we were still in driving distance of our hometown tow service, so I wasn't too worried.