Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weeping Socialists – A New Era

The times they are achangin’. Socialists used to get in power by the their supporters protesting in the streets and then voting in whatever form of elections there were in their home countries. As they infiltrated the government and society, they passed more and more laws allowing them to live on other people’s money. They also got bureaucrats in place who would achieve through regulation what was unable to be done through legislation. We’ve seen FAR too much of both in this country, but socialism usually comes by gradual, peaceful transition. What we’ve seen in this country has often been called “creeping socialism” for that very reason.

A few younger folks that I know like to call it “democratic socialism,” since it IS usually brought on by voting, as opposed to the point of a bayonet. The long range effect is the same, though, it gradually stifles small business (and even large business, but to a lesser degree). It frequently turns a nation into a system of what has recently been called “crony capitalism,” but which is actually a form of fascism. Fascism normally allows the continued ownership of property, though it may become prohibitively expense to hang onto. However, socialism CAN turn into communism eventually, at which time the point of the bayonet WILL appear.

Communism is ALWAYS brought on with bayonets. The revolutions may be small and seemingly unproductive for many years. However, if they don’t outright conquer their opposition, they eventually either convince the majority of the population into voting for them, or simply frighten them into silence, usually the latter. Communism ALWAYS demands gun control, since they don’t want the populace to be able to resist them.

A speedy conversion to Fascism may also demand gun control, however, such as Hitler’s Germany. It should be remembered that Hillary Clinton is a fanatic about bringing on gun control. I believe that is because she was seeking to bring on neither the socialism that she pretended, nor outright communism, but a Hitler-like form of fascism. Fascism, like communism, is ALWAYS corrupt, and Clinton certainly had that part down pat.

Most of her supporters, though, don’t fit the profile of normal socialists. Most pretend to honor freedom and personal ambition, however, many are part of the entitlement generation. Most of the remainder are like the whiny little kiddies we saw weeping after Hillary lost, gathered in piles, like flotsam on the beach. They didn’t protest, though they may have shouted obscenities at anyone who didn’t agree with them. (Nearly all the protesters have been hired to do so by Soros.)  Instead they are a part of the “sensitive” crowd who believe that anyone who disagrees with them hates their guts, is racist or has some other major character flaw.

They need their safe places on college campuses, where they can quietly come to grips with the fact that not everyone believes as they do. (I’ve always wondered if the colleges provide safe places for CONSERVATIVE cry babies. I doubt it, but then, conservative young folks AREN’T CRYBABIES IN THE FIRST PLACE!) It says everything that needs said about the maturity of the new weeping socialists that they needed a “cry day” after the election, where they didn’t have to take any tests at their college. It says even more that Cornell University gave them COLORING BOOKS AND PLAY-DOH to help calm them down. Remember, at that same age, their grandfathers were conquering the evil empires of Germany and Japan!

As has been said elsewhere, we have raised a nation of “snowflakes” that will melt at the least sign of upset in their life. These sad excuses for human beings will age, will raise children, will vote their “feelings” and will ultimately bring us into full-fledged socialism. More than likely, that socialism will be only a short transitory stage before full-fledged fascism or communism.

 I fear for my grandchildren, but maybe I shouldn’t—the schools are thoroughly training them to make the transition and they seem to be learning it well. Please forgive me the sarcasm when I ask, “Why doesn’t that console me?” © 2016



deborah harvey said...

i know intelligent people who voted for hillary.
one told me he was certain the shooting would start now that trump is elected.
apparently they watch and believe the 'news'.
but the only violence has been from the dems.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, dh, I guess that goes to prove that there is absolutely no link between "intelligence" and wisdom.