Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 A Mixed Bag For Me

Things could have been better, but things could have been worse (I’ll resist quoting Dickens). I guess the biggest thing is that I’m still here, though with Heaven to look forward to, even THAT is a mixed bag. Still, like I read somewhere, we all want to go to Heaven, we’d just rather not take today’s bus. When I was OFFICIALLY diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure a little over a year ago (I had already figured it out), I read a few places online that I had a 33% chance of croaking in the first year after that diagnoses. If you survived, you had a 10% lesser chance of croaking each year for several years. It sort of sounded like that, if you lived past a certain point, you’d be immortal. I knew I wasn’t going to be immortal but, somehow, I knew in my heart that I was going to survive that first year. As a result, I simply wrote off the idea that I was in imminent danger and was determined to keep living. I believe that it was my faith in the Lord that gave me that determination and maybe His Holy Spirit that told me (subconsciously) that I would be okay. Regardless, here I am.

The Bible tells us that seventy years is about all we can count on, and that if we live longer, it may come at a price. My wife is discovering the truth of that; she has a lot more health problems than she used to have. Still, she’s outlived the prediction of the doctors who more-or-less said that she’d be dead in five years, since she wouldn’t take their chemo, when she had cancer. That was nearly ten years ago. She and I both knew that the chemo would have killed her THEN, had she taken it.

We ARE poorer than we’ve ever been in our married life. We probably have double the net income that we did 30 years ago (but HALF what I was making on my last job), but it goes absolutely NOWHERE by comparison. It’s aggravating to know that I’d have been a little better off if I hadn’t needed to cash in my 401-K where I used to work at the factory, before their management company stole it all, but that’s life. My wife doesn’t qualify for either her own Social Security OR Medicare, since she didn’t work enough quarters, so she has to wait until I turn 65 before she can draw anything. If we both live that long, I’ll also get a little retirement from the factory at that time. That should help a little bit, especially if Trump can return some value to the dollar.

Having alluded to politics now, I will say that I hope to never again see such a presidential election as the one we had this year. The election was Clinton’s to lose and, Thank God (literally), she became so blatantly, in-your-face hateful that she insulted every single thinking American. Fortunately, there were a handful more thinkers in the country than non-thinkers and she DID lose. Those who disagree and cite the popular vote wouldn’t want a recount, since the illegal votes would be found and Trump would STILL win. Sadly, I think the democrats have found their new campaign style, and all future elections will be that bad or worse. If Trump didn’t possess the personality of a New York street fighter, Hillary would STILL have won, since the other candidates would have been shrinking violets by comparison. There are a lot of nay-sayers about Trump, even among many who voted for him, but every other candidate, EVEN HAD THEY WON, would have been either impotent in opposing the status quo, or were already a part of the problem. If Trump succeeds in doing HALF of what he wants, I’ll be happy with his performance, since the others would have done NOTHING.

In a display of our declining physical abilities, my wife had a horrible fall when we returned home from the store today. She has trouble lifting her feet upward anymore and tripped on the step into the house. She’s a tough ol’ broad, as she likes to tell me, but she’s sore already, and will probably be three shades of purple tomorrow. As for me, I’m still fat, stiff, pained and easily winded, but there’s 30 pounds less of me than there was a year ago, so I guess not everything is negative. We can’t do what we once did, but we’re still “percolating,” as my great aunt used to say.

Unfortunately, television is even worse now than it was a year ago, at least what I see. Right now, the missus has a “reality” show on that’s filmed down south. The main guy has the requisite accent, but he’s so sissified-acting and whiny, that you’d swear his picture should be on a three dollar bill, despite his wife and three kids. Just the sound of his voice makes me want to run to the woods screaming. And she wonders why I spend so much time on the computer!

Still, I must confess that I’m not QUITE as down on 2016 as the guy who posted on Facebook that he was going to stay up until midnight JUST TO SEE 2016 DIE! – LOL - Thanks for reading my drivel this past year; I hope 2017 is a good one for all of you. © 2016


Vicki said...

Happy New Year, Gorges. I figure the new year just has to be better than the past eight. I see by my comments that you read my "drivel," so I will keep on reading yours. I find your writing and links always interesting.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sounds like a fair trade, Vicki; it'll keep BOTH of us on our "feet," so to speak. - lol

Ralph Goff said...

I hear talk about how people will be so glad to see 2016 end but I can't say its been any worse or better than any other year. I'm just glad to have survived another year and looking forward to a repeat in 2017. And your writing helps keep it interesting Gorges so Happy New year to you and your wife too.

Glen Filthie said...

You've done alright Gorges.

One of the most powerful posts I read this year was one of yours - where you were talking about swapping work gloves with Pop to keep hands warm in the winter. My dad and I used to do that too. I drove Dad insane - his gloves always broke in and fit me so well that I could do surgery with them. He would go to grab them and find them missing and have a hissy fit looking for them! The poor bugger would buy a new pair and by the time he broke them in, mine would be worn out so I would steal his again! It's a standing joke between us today - I make a show of pawing through the front closet looking for his work gloves while he cusses me out!

Stick around for 2017, Gorges. Us kids aren't finished with you yet. ;)

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Ralph, I enjoy seeing what's going on "up on the farm," too, so keep blogging. I hope your coming year is a great one.

Family jokes help bind us together, Glen; and I'm glad that you enjoy some of my posts. I've always planned to make it to age 75, after that, I'll have to think about it! - lol - Have a good year, Glen!

Pumice said...

Your comments on Trump remind me of a meme attributed to some warrior about how there need to be enough tough violent people on the side of right so that us weak citizens with poor shooting skills can sleep well at night. We might be uncomfortable around them but they are good to have when things come apart.

Glad to hear you are 30 down. Keep up whatever you are doing. I will continue to pray for your health and discipline.

Happy New Year.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Pumice, I hope the months ahead are good ones for you, too.