Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chainsaws And Calendars

I’ve been reading on a Facebook group of home sawmillers that a lot of folks replace their regular bar oil with USED motor oil. I’m sure the EPA wouldn’t approve, but that would be cheaper than the expensive stuff they sell at the saw shop. I was down to a half gallon of bar oil, so I topped off the jug with used motor oil. That way, there will still be some stickiness to it. I’ll see how it does. If you dribble any around the fill-hole on the saw, it certainly shows up.

I filled the oil reservoir and poured the last of my two-year-old gas mixture into the gas tank. I’m surprised the saw is burning it okay, but it is. I then put a bottle of mix oil in the two gallon gas can and let it drain. I left the saw in the basement, so it would stay warm and start easier.

This afternoon, I went to the saw shop and picked up a couple file handles and a 13/64 file to use on half-worn-out chains, rather than 7/64, which I have plenty of. I also double checked with the owner as to what setting I should file the rakers to, since it had been ages since I’d filed any. I used to file chains every day when I worked in the woods for a living, but that was over eleven years ago. I’ve used chainsaws so little in the last five years, that I’d just put on a new chain whenever the saw quit cutting well. Unfortunately, I’ve finally used up my supply of extra chains, so it’s time to start filing again.

I then swung by town and put a couple gallons of gas in my chainsaw can. I’ll be glad to have some new gas for a change. I wonder if I’ll notice a difference in how the saw performs?

The main reason I went to the saw shop was in hopes they still had some calendars, but I checked by too late in the year. I thought about dropping by the tire shop that I use, but I saw no calendars there the other day, either, though I forgot to ask. In the old days, nearly every business had many advertising calendars to hand out; often, they had trouble getting rid of the last few. Heck, I used to even get them in the mail. Printing is so expensive anymore, though, that most businesses don’t pass them out anymore, and those that do don’t get as many in. Guess I’ll have to look for one at Chinamart. The times they are a changin’! © 2016


Gail said...

Hubby sharpens our chains. The problem is finding those files! When we cleaned the shop we found a can full one at a time. Dad had the sample problem about the location of his file and just would buy another. We have a good supply now gathered in a large coffee can.

Happy New Year.

Ralph Goff said...

Same here on the free calendar shortage.Used to be calendars handed out everywhere it seemed but nowadays I actually buy a couple every year.
I've always wondered about the chain bar oil and been tempted to use some of my used hydraulic oil from the tractors. I think it would be fine but real chain bar oil seems very sticky compared to hydraulic.

chipmunk said...

I like to ask for a Chik-fil-a calendar every year. The pictures are a hoot, and it comes with a card for a monthly free item from the restaurant. In the years when no one gave me a calendar, I waited until about mid-January to buy one somewhere; at that point, they're usually at least half off.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I got a calendar at the feed store but like you say they are hard to find. I hate to buy something that used to be free.
I only use bar oil as it flows differently and is made to lube the chain in the new self oiling saws. Remember the old saws where a plunger squirted oil on the chain? Motor oil is made for a whole different type of use and probably will cause the bar to wear quicker plus it isn't biodegradable like bar oil and makes a mess.

Gorges Smythe said...

That's something to think about, chipmunk.

That's why I thought mixing might be the way to go, SF.

SJ from Vancouver BC said...

I've received two calendars in the mail so far - both from realtors. Maybe it's just my part of the world, but try a Real Estate office for a freebie.
Love your posts. Read your blog most days but don't often comment.
SJ from Vancouver BC

Gorges Smythe said...

That sounds like a good idea, SJ!