Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cop Laws, Hate Crimes And Gun Crimes

I don’t know WHERE common sense has gone. Even conservatives now want to pass ridiculous, feel-good laws. With all the cop-killing by people of “the darker persuasion,” there’s a howl by those on the right to make killing a cop bring an automatic death penalty. First, some cops may be brave, honest, decent people, but let’s be honest; some are murderers and criminals of various types themselves. As a group, they are no more honorable or important to society than any other honest profession. Why should someone be put to death for killing a cop, but not a priest, a preacher, a nurse, a doctor, a factory worker, a mother or a child? If there’s an automatic death penalty for killing a cop, then killers should meet the same fate for killing bakers, auto mechanics, salesmen, clerks, models, actors, garbage men and anyone else. The REAL question is: Why did we ever get rid of the death penalty in the first place?

The most recent thing I’ve seen is to make killing cops a “hate crime.” Isn’t EVERY deliberate murder a hate crime of sorts? Is it less hateful to kill a janitor or soldier than a cop? The thinking here simply doesn’t jive with logic. Furthermore, any government that can outlaw hatred can outlaw love. Think I’m exaggerating? Then explain the number of cities that have made it illegal to feed the homeless.

Furthermore, hate crime laws are simply another name for “thought crime laws.” Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read “1984” by George Orwell. EVERY despot believes in thought crime laws. Simply disagreeing with some folks, or telling the truth about them is now a crime some places in this country. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Do you think it’s coincidental that such things have been pushed by the left?

And what about stiffer sentences for criminals using guns during their crimes? Is the bank out more money if the robber used a gun, rather than a knife or a bomb? Is a woman less raped if the rapist had a knife against her jugular, rather than a gun against her side? Is the murder victim less dead when his brains have been bashed out with a baseball bat than if he was shot with a gun? I left the NRA over this last bit of brown-nosing, feel-good stupidity. Use your brains people. That’s why God gave them to you! © 2016


Rozy Lass said...


Pumice said...

1984 is so old school. You need to go out and embrace a snowflake.

Grace and peace.

Sixbears said...

Well said.

I dropped out the NRA years ago because they use fear all the time.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, RL.

If I remember, Pumice, snowflakes melt if you touch them.

Yes, they do, Sixbears. Also, I've often wondered if they aren't in cahoots with the gun grabbers to get just enough pressure for gun control to keep the money flowing into BOTH coffers.