Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dern Such Weather!

My dad used to tell me that there was a small cartoon of a little old guy who appeared every day on the front page of our local paper saying those words. Someone else told me that it was Snuffy Smith. I must say that are many days that I’d agree with ol’ Snuffy on that subject; today is one of them.

It was fairly cold this morning when I took the trash out. I knew that rain, snow, or some ugly combination of the two were supposed to be coming, so I cut up the wood that I’d drug out by the wood stack. Putting the saw in the basement did the trick, as far as warming it up, so it would start easier. I had to sit and rest a few moments at times as I worked, but I just set the chain brake and let the saw run. After getting it all cut, I began stacking it. I was disappointed that I didn’t have enough to finish the stack, but I’ll cut and drag some more when I can. I had four pieces that needed split, so maybe I’ll do that later.

It didn’t do anything while I was outside but, about 11:30, it began snowing. Luckily, it stopped without any accumulation. Who knows what will come later, though. The weather man is predicting some miserably cold weather, and so is the Old Farmer’s Almanac. I’m glad we have a warm house. © 2016


Ralph Goff said...

One of those days here too although our rain is in solid form. Not enough that I need to pick up a snow shovel yet but I'm ready. Warmed up to 5 above zero already so I'll have to take it easy in such unaccustomed heat.

Vicki said...

The small storm that dumped 7 or 8 inches of snow on us has likely found you. Cold followed, with a temp of minus 9 degrees about 4 am this morning and 8 degrees above zero now. But then, this is Minnesota. We are surprised if it is any warmer this time of year. :)

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, Ralph, you wouldn't want to suffer heat stroke.

Well, Vicki, we were expecting it, but that sure doesn't mean that I'm enjoying it.