Thursday, December 15, 2016

I May Scrap My C-PAP!

I said something recently about my sense of smell going bad on me. I wondered if it might be a couple different things, since cooking odors are especially nasty to me these days. I’ve pretty well ruled out being pregnant, plus, I really don’t think it’s the brand of butter my wife is using, either. In my mind, that pretty much leaves my C-PAP machine. Currently, any cooking odor smells to me like vegetable oil being burned in a smoky lamp. My head is filled with a greasy, nauseating odor that I then carry around in my sinuses night and day, nearly making me sick. Looking the problem up on the internet proved that the machines can, indeed, make you go “nose blind,” PLUS make you lose your sense of taste.

I didn’t use the machine last night, and I won’t use it again until my sense of smell returns to normal, IF it ever does. One place said that some folks got relief from the problem by putting essential oils on a pad by the air intake of the machine, but NOT in the water inside the machine. I may check with Dave at the local health food store to get his input.

The C-PAP machine is to control sleep apnea, which I’ve had untreated for probably 30 years or more. Failure to breathe five times an hour is considered the dividing line for using a C-PAP or not, though my nine times an hour isn’t considered too bad. Thirty times an hour is considered to be getting in the danger zone. Failure to breathe, for an extended time, can make your heart go crazy and can bring on a stroke or heart attack. Still, I had it all those years, and I’m on meds that pretty well control my heart rate and blood pressure.

At this point, I’m basically putting it in the Lord’s hands, at least until I know more. If I can live another 15 years, I’ll feel that I’ve had a long life. Until then, I’d rather keep my sense of smell and taste. Naturally, any prayers that you might say for the resolution of this situation will be appreciated. © 2016


Joy said...

Do you think the C-Pap just needs a good cleaning? Or maybe replacement?

Sixbears said...

My sense of smell and taste have not been affected by my c-pap. Been on one since 93. Your sleep apnea doesn't sound too bad, so you might be okay. I've got a bad case where my O2 would drop to around 70 by morning, so I'm glad I've adjusted to the machine reasonably well.

However, I would check into other possible things that could throw your sense of smell off. It could be something serious.

Vicki said...

Praying, Gorges.

Gorges Smythe said...

Joy, it could be. Some parts are supposed to be cleaned every day, but I've never been that regular. It's now time to replace all the hoses and such, so maybe that will help.

LOL - Sixbears, if it's anything serious, I'd probably rather not know.

Thanks, Vicki.

Lady Locust said...

I would see what the folks at the health store have to say re. essential oils. In the mean time will certainly send up a prayer with your name tagged to it😊

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, LL.

deborah harvey said...

you know to put a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide in the fresh water every day?
also some meds will cause weird changes to taste and smell.
i was taking one which made me smell smoke nearby.
had everyone checking for possible fire in the house.
then was eating chili but tasted like mostly salt. had husband taste it. he said it was normal so i ate it as i needed food.
daughter researched the med on line. it was the med.
when the prescribed amount was finished my senses returned after a few days. still looked for fire, though. didn't want to take that for granted.

Gorges Smythe said...

I think my directions say to clean this model every so often with white vinegar. I forget how often, so it probably needs it again. I've slept three nights without the machine at this point and my "smeller" seems to be working better. I guess time will tell.