Friday, December 9, 2016

Just Stuff

My wife got me up at 7am to ask if I’d planned to get the studded tires put on the truck today. I had, but I’d been up late and was planning to get up at nine. Oh well, SINCE I WAS AWAKE, I got dressed and left for the tire shop, since they open at 7:30. I noticed when I got in the truck that the Mighty Dachshund’s water bowl had a skim of ice on it. That didn’t surprise me, considering that it was flurrying at 4am when I took her out to drain. The wind wasn’t particularly comfortable to a guy wearing only a pair of jockey shorts and camp mocs during those nightly wanderings. When I looked at the read-out on the dash, as I exited the drive-way, it said 20 degrees. On the trip in, I passed a guy in his forties with a shaved head, walking along as if it was summer, the wind blowing the lapels on his jacket. The sight like to froze me to death!

Once at the tire shop, I made my usual amble around the lot looking for wheel weights. I found more than I did last time. Since my muzzleloader is a smoothbore, I don’t need pure lead. In fact, I could probably shoot ½” bolts, as long as I patched them. On a related note, Trump really should see to it that some lead smelters return to this country. In case of war, it wouldn’t be good to depend on foreign sources for ammo material.

When I got home, I took my chainsaw from the back of the truck, hoping to cut up the poles I drug up from the backyard this week, but the saw wouldn’t start. Too cold from being in there all night, I guess. I put it in the basement to warm up, so maybe it will start tomorrow. On the way back from the basement, I put the foam thing over the outside faucet so it wouldn’t freeze so easily.

I saw a couple bluebirds in the side yard a couple days ago. They’d be wise to head south!

My wife said that our neighbor was on the news telling how he and some others were going to restart the local livestock auction. I hope he does. For several years, farmers around here have had to travel two hours south or two hours north to find a stockyard. The local TV channel is staffed by kids, and usually runs the same news three days in a row. However, since there was something that interested me, they’d switched gears on the very next broadcast.

I saw an interesting article on making shingles from old racing tires on Facebook today and saved it for my files. You wouldn’t want rubber shingles for a major structure due to fire, but for a rabbit hutch, chicken coop or small tool shed, they should be fine. I have a red oak in my yard that I want to cut this winter, so maybe I’ll try splitting some oaks shingles later. Then again, maybe I won’t.

I’ve mentioned before that I drive rather slow. Well, the other day, one of my neighbors got in front of me and kept stopping and starting, thinking that he was upsetting me, I guess. I didn’t realize who it was at first and almost called 911 about a drunk driver. After figuring out who it was, though, I remembered that he no longer can hold a job and sometimes goes off his medication. It’s partly guys like that who convinced me that I’d better pack heat, since you never know when they are.

I sent in my last check to Highmark West Virginia (Blue Cross Blue Shield) the other day. They aren’t using their head. We were only paying $1.49 a month for my wife’s Obamacare, but it had a $6,000 deductible, so we never would have used it. They had to raise the price up to $268, though, which we can’t afford on our budget. It’s cheaper to pay the fine, if Trump doesn’t get the “poor tax” removed. Highmark got $700 a month from Uncle Sam for covering us ($8,400 a year), but since they couldn’t settle for less than $3,200 a year from us, they lost the $8,400 for a policy that they would never have paid out on. Yep, some folks just don’t know when they’re well off.

My wife doesn’t let me use “her” pots and pans, since she’s sure that I’d ruin them, so I recently added a second pot to my collection of cookware. It’s stainless, but it’s VERY light-weight. Whenever I yell at the dog in the next room to quit licking her paws (nervous habit, I think), the new pot rings like a bell!

Later this evening, I should try to print out some of the photos that I want my mom to identify. I almost never see her, since my wife decided that she wasn’t going to tolerate any more rudeness from her and my sister (I’m sure they tell a different story). So, a couple times a year, I go in town and have lunch with her. I’ll be going in Monday and she has a couple things that she wants me to do for her and I’ll pick her brain about the photos. Of course, I call her every evening anymore.

Well, as you can see, nothing exciting is happening in my life, but I still wanted to flap my gums. Maybe I can think of something more interesting next time. © 2016


Fredd said...

Just FYI: in cold weather, two-stroke engines are indeed hard to start. Solution: starting fluid (we called it 'ether' back in the day). Works like a charm. Just a small spray of the stuff directly into the carb venturi, leave the choke off until it starts (and it will). I keep the stuff on hand at all times here in the Chicago vicinity. It's only something like $4 per 12 oz can, and one can lasts me maybe two years, or more.

deborah harvey said...

leave your wife at walmart and visit your mom every week.
since you often don't go into walmart with your wife it won't make her any difference.

Glen Filthie said...

You have a soot burning front-stuffer, Gorges? I would REALLY like to see a pic! Is it a flinter...?

Gorges Smythe said...

LOL - You don't know my wife, dh. Besides, we both have to use the riders and one won't hold everything. Plus, I lift the heavy stuff for her.

Glen, it's just an old .50 TC Hawken that was rusted badly in the bore. I had it bored out to a .54 smoothbore and put my own homemade ghost ring sight on it.