Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Knot’s Out! (w/pic)


I’d mentioned in an earlier post that I had a piece of nylon rope that had a knot that I couldn’t untie. I also mentioned marlinspikes. Well, the old-fashioned marlinspike was actually like a big, flat, dull needle, not the roundish style that comes in the sailor’s knives that are seen in some rare stores and catalogs. So, when I happened to see my paternal grandmother’s letter opener lying on my desk, the proverbial light came on. It was shaped nearly identical to the old-style marlinspikes, and was just the right size for 5/16 rope. And yes, used VERY carefully, it worked like a charm. The only thing that I had to watch was not to put any pressure on the handle, or I would have ruined the opener. Below is a photo of the now knotless length of rope and the impromptu marlinspike.

Click image to enlarge.


Terry said...

I have always thought that a good knot was one that was easy to untie. This may be the ultimate example:
My marlinspike is brass, tapered, maybe 6" long with a "T" handle. Can't find a photo online though.

Gorges Smythe said...

I agree, Terry, but I think nylon slips tighter than the old manila rope.