Monday, December 12, 2016

Stupid Nerds!

Yes. I know that nerds are supposed to be smart, but there's a world of difference between factual knowledge and common sense. My mother had to replace her old tube TV after many years and, of course, got one of the flat screens. I doubt if you can even buy a new tube TV in America these days. Now, Mom is 86 years old, so she's even less tech savvy than I am. You SHOULD be able to simply hook up the cable and watch TV, but nooooooo!

The companies have the ability to make things that simple, but they choose not to do so. First, the nerdish designers assume that everyone is as tech savvy as they are. Most of us know what flawed reasoning THAT is. Second, they assume that if you don't buy a set with all the bells and whistles, it's because you will be adding them after the fact. Again, that's often not the case. Third, it might cost the companies an extra dollar a set to make them truly idiot proof, and they are not ABOUT to spend an extra penny just to make it easier on ANYBODY, especially old folks, who should probably be dead in their opinion anyway.

This is the third evening that my mom hasn't had a TV, despite four different people trying to help her set it up. One fellow has decided that the problem may be that the manufacturer assumes (Remember the old saying about ASSUMING?) that the buyer will be hooking the set up to a VCR or its DVD equivalent. He thinks that an extra loop of cable may be required to fool the TV into thinking all connections are made. If his theory doesn't pan out, Mom will probably have to get the cable company come out and try to set the thing up.

Incidentally, don't try to tell ME how to do it; I was one of the four who's already tried. There really isn't any excuse for things being that difficult, but companies really don't care about their customers these days, especially the older ones. Copyright 2016


Ralph Goff said...

Kids can usually figure out that electonic equipment better than we can Gorges. My nephews set up a new flat screen for me a couple of years ago without any problems. I've been able to keep it working.

Gorges Smythe said...

You're right,Ralph; I think it's because they grew up with it and we didn't.