Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sundry Thoughts On This Sabbath Day

We didn’t go to Chinamart today, as my wife wasn’t in the mood and we didn’t have any money to speak of anyway, but I can’t say that I’m crest-fallen. I’m one of those weird folks who insist that GOD ALMIGHTY made and blessed the Sabbath and told us to KEEP it holy. GOD never changed the Sabbath, Pope Sylvester and the Emperor Constantine did. As far as I’m concerned, every major denomination in the world has been in apostasy ever since. I try not to get disagreeable about it, since most folks will defend the customs of men far more fiercely than they will the law of God, but I always cringe when we go shopping or dine out on the Sabbath. Still, I don’t want to spend my WHOLE life fussing with the missus. She doesn’t approve of my views on Christmas and Easter, either.

She chose not to wander around Big Lots like she planned, either, so we basically just took a drive to town and back. At least she bought us and the dog an ice-cream cone apiece from the Tarnished Arches Restaurant. I was glad to get home, as the drivers are more insane than usual this time of year.

I read a bit in the Bible every evening, but I used to make more of an effort to actually due some study in the scriptures on the Sabbath. I’ve been rather lax on that lately and need to get back to it.
If it had been any other day of the week, I’d have made a few cuts with the chainsaw when we got back but, instead, I waited to see if The Woodwright’s Shop was anything I wanted to watch. It wasn’t, so I took a nap.

Facebook isn’t letting me post anything of my own today, or even repost stuff by others without a third try. I don’t know if they’re having technical problems, or if I’m just on their permanent black list now.

I did get some old photos better identified when I visited with Mom the other day. I also accepted her old hair-drier base with the now defunct plastic cap. I can use the blower to power a brake drum forge if I ever get around to making one. You can use boughten charcoal for fuel, especially if you have a blower to get extra oxygen to the embers. I sold my anvil, but I still have an old piece of railroad track to beat small items on, like knife blades. I need a toaster oven to do tempering, though, and that would require a small cash outlay, unless I use the mineral oil method, which is trickier.

I’ve been looking for a piece of steel to make a blade for a froe and came across a set of small trailer springs the other day in my stuff. I don’t think I’ll ever use them for anything else, so one of the leaves should suffice. I have an old mattock from which I can take the eye to use on the froe blade. That should certainly allow for a sturdy handle. The other option is to take my great grandfather’s froe to a blacksmith and have him enlarge the eye to where it would fit a standard eye-hoe handle. That would actually be my preference, as the existing handle and eye leave something to be desired, and I’d rather use a tool with a history.

My last hunting rifle didn’t sell from the ad I put in the local trader’s paper, so I guess I’ll keep it. There’s an extra weekend in this month and we needed some extra grocery money, but we got through the pinch anyway, thanks to laying back a little extra when we can. My next funds show up Wednesday, so we’ll do fine. The main reason I was holding onto the rifle was because I thought I might need it to defend against United Nations troops if Hillary got in. Of course I would have died in the process, but that beats being put in a camp, like she said she wanted to do with old people (except herself, of course). I should be safe from that concern for now.

I was going to go spend a little “quality time” with the missus and the dog in front of the boob tube, but it sounds like the “Irish ego” (Bobby Flay) is on and watching him is more than I can stomach. Maybe I’ll go take my shower and get it over with.

I hope you’ve had a more interesting day than mine, but if not, I hope it was at least moderately pleasant. © 2016


Ralph Goff said...

Well Gorges, they used to say that every day on the right side of the grass is a good one. It was cold enough here today that I didn't feel a bit guilty about spending most of the day indoors. Except for looking after the animals of course.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yep, the critters gotta eat too!