Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Mixed Bag For Sunday

We got a late start toward town today, so we got back later, too. Still, I was able to work outside for over an hour running the chainsaw and using the lawn tractor to pull poles and short logs to the front yard. I’ll have more than enough to finish my current stack of wood, so I’ll soon be able to sell it for a little gas money for the truck. It was the first time in probably three weeks I’d had the opportunity and weather at the same time to allow me to work outside. It felt very good, though it tired me out some.

As for my “TV problem” that I mentioned in a previous post, I remembered my stash of earplugs, so the problem was solved.

I went upstairs and boxed up my C-PAP machine this evening. After less than two full nights, it was already beginning to affect my sense of smell and make me feel funny. I’ve decide that I’ve always trusted in the Lord to leave me here as long as there is a reason, so I guess there’s no need to put any trust in an aggravating machine that causes as many problems as it solves.

I was checking my blog stats earlier and was surprised what the one source gave as the number of folks who had visited my blog. Just to keep me humble, though, their records showed that 55% of the visits lasted less than five seconds, and 50% of all visits were first time ones. I take it those folks didn’t like what they saw and will never be back. (Probably snowflake-liberals that showed up there by accident! Haha!)

I just bottled another stink bug before I sat back down here at the computer. I’ve learned that they’ll usually hold still long enough that I can get them with an empty water bottle. The little Chinese immigrants seem to find easy access to my board cabin, though the walls are about eight inches thick, so my new hobby is bottling bugs. I hope you don’t have too many in your area, or at least have a tighter home than I do.

Well, I go to my regular MD tomorrow for a six-month check up. No biggie, Medicaid requires it, and he rarely leaves the comfort of his stool, so it’s easy money for him. I WILL get a blood draw for my heart doctor while I’m there. My “device” told the techs that my heart-rate is climbing slightly and he wants to check my Digoxin levels and will probably raise them slightly. I’m on a very low dose as it is, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

I worked the last ten minutes in the rain today, and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so I guess it will be yet another inside day. Hope your Monday is a good one! © 2017


Ralph Goff said...

I usually spend more than 5 seconds here Gorges. And I don't think we have stink bugs here. At least not in this nearly hundred year old house. Maple bugs or box elder beetles as some call them, can be a problem for some in fall. The few I see in the house are not a problem. Thankfully my worst pests stay outdoors.

Chickenmom said...

'Hope your doctor visit goes well today, Gorges! As for the stink bugs - we get them here all year long - have no idea where they come from either. Seems as if there are more and more of them every year.

deborah harvey said...

5 seconds is long enough to go to a link.

Gorges Smythe said...

I figure those bugs would freeze out in your neck of the woods, Ralph.

Thanks, Cm. I wonder if your chickens eat them or if the stench does the trick?

That's true, dh.