Saturday, January 28, 2017

Another Saturday

Yes, we went to Chinamart, our home away from home. I was feeling sort of weak, tired and a tiny bit light-headed today, so after I got the heavy stuff in my rider, I mostly just sat around, not much caring to meander and look at things that I couldn’t afford. I WAS tempted to get a little Disney-character fishing pole and reel by Shakespeare for $2.50 on sale. My thought was to put it in the truck as an “opportunity” or emergency rod. I remembered, though, my decision not to ever pay money for a rod again, when God furnishes sticks galore around most any body of water. It will be a good deal for SOMEBODY, though.

Remembering my strange physical feelings, I went over to the blood pressure gizmo and found it not in use, so I sat down and took three readings of pressure and heart-rate. They ran 84/56-58, 80/54-43 and85/51-55. That’s a little lower on all counts than I’m accustomed to, so that may explain the way I felt today. It DOES make me wonder about the wisdom of the heart doctor increasing my Digoxin (digitalis), though. It also makes me wonder if I should take the stuff before I go to bed, so it will help with any episodes of my heart racing during moments of sleep apnea, instead of in the morning, when I usually take it.

Later at home, The Woodwright Shop episodes were ones that I didn’t care to watch again, so I tried unsuccessfully to nap, but I did feel somewhat rested from lying there with my eyes closed for an hour.
There was nothing worth watching for a while on TV tonight, until Lawrence Welk came on. YES, I like Lawrence Welk! I like ALMOST any kind of music except rap (which isn’t music at all) and modern black gospel. Growing up, I listened to old American folk songs, Gay Nineties music, songs from the WWI era, the 20’s and 30’s, WW II music, including big band and swing, country, bluegrass, rock and roll, blues, jazz, rock, pop and even disco. The stuff they call country today is more like what used to be called “southern rock,” which I liked then, but I don’t care much for its musical offspring. Incidentally, I like classical, too, maybe due to having a sister that took 12 years of piano and was always in orchestra at school.

I DID learn something by watching Lawrence Welk tonight. The music to “It’s All In The Game,” was written by Charles G. Dawes, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and vice president under Calvin Coolidge. He was born at nearby Marietta, Ohio and Graduated from the college there. You should check out the link on him.

As you might guess, I’m currently sitting on my torturous oak chair, so I’d better wrap this up! © 2017


Ralph Goff said...

I have one of those hard (oak?) chairs here too. It is kind of a family heirloom that neighbour rebuilt for my uncle years ago. Very quality looking piece of furniture but with my bony frame it is not near as comfortable as the big upholstered recliner that I spend most evenings in.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, Ralph, I have plenty of padding back there, but it seems to be of no avail.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I got one of those rods for my daughter years ago and the thing keeps falling apart, you might not to get one. Probably find a good take down pole at a yard sales or like you say there are sticks everywhere.
I just don't go to walmart unless someone makes me, a lot of the groceries cost more than Krogers plus they have the gas card at Krogers which drops the price of fuel below what walmart charges.
I just download music these days, I can't listen to new country most of the time.

Caddie said...

As a young girl, I attended a private boarding school in Ohio. Saturday evenings we watched the Lawrence Welk Show, the only television allowed us. That rule was good[ We were sheltered from riff-raff, which is far from the situation of today's technical ability that exposes ALL. It appears no morals exist anymore -'Hollywood' has the reins. I'm very grateful for my earlier lessons for life.
In my house sets a beautiful accordion that belonged to one of the Lawrence Welk band members. It's keys covered with Mother-of-Pearl, a true beauty. Only one problem with it; too heavy for this Weakling to lift to play (or practice on) and now just another item needing to go on the auction block. Ah, this Journey of Life, so full of experiences to learn from.

Gorges Smythe said...

SF, if anything ever happened to the little woman, I'd probably never go there again, but SHE'S the shopper.

Life seems to be moving on and leaving us in the dust, Caddie.