Sunday, January 15, 2017

Changing Times

The missus hadn’t even gone outside of the house yesterday. I only went out to let the dog drain and dump and to check the mail. Today, she’d “had all she could stands and she couldn’t stands no more,” so we went out a while, got some gas we couldn’t afford and then proceeded to burn some of it. One place she wanted to go was the Kmart on the far side of town. She used to frequent the place with her deceased first husband (with whom I’ve been VERY unfavorably compared for nigh onto 34 years). She often had me take her there when we first married; old habits die hard I guess. We gradually shifted to Walmart, though and rarely went to Kmart anymore, especially that store, as it just wasn’t in our loop of normal travel.

As I dropped her off at the door today, she remarked that she used to take her mother there often. There were tears in her eyes as she said it. Despite her mother using her as a personal slave when she was a kid, she somehow managed to have a fairly close relationship with her. Her Mom has been gone for several years now, though.

This Kmart is one that’s soon to be closed. The company could have gone the high volume, low margin route like Walmart and still have had been a vibrant company. Unfortunately for them, their management chose low volume, high margin instead and that’s why Walmart is gradually putting them out of business. Despite their “blue light specials,” Kmart has never truly been a cheap place to shop. But my wife wanted to stop there today, since they are selling out their stock. She did get a good deal on a set of skillets. I think the main reason she went, though, was just to say good-bye to another passing landmark in her life. I can certainly understand. © 2017


Chickenmom said...

Sometimes people have a wee bit of trouble "letting go", Gorges. Time has a way of softening memories.

Gorges Smythe said...

True, Cm.