Thursday, January 19, 2017

Idleness And Other Devilish Pastimes

I didn’t get a lot done today, so at least I was consistent. My sleep wasn’t the greatest last night; for one thing, I woke up after a couple hours to that nauseating odor in my sinuses that comes from over-using my C-PAP machine. I probably won’t use it for a couple days now. I took off the “mask” and slept a couple more hours without it, until my wife rang the bell to let me know that the Mighty Dachshund needed to sashay out into the lawn. I couldn’t get back to sleep afterward, so I got back up and the missus fixed breakfast at 4:30 am. THEN, I had to stay up another hour-and-a-half to let it settle before I could go back to bed. I DID manage to type up a post during that time.

Climbing out of bed later, my sheet crinkled like it was a plastic tarp. I’m using a flat 100% cotton sheet on the bottom, but a PART cotton-part polyester sheet for the top. Between the top sheet’s stiffness and its reaction with the cotton below, it sounds like I’m camping in the woods on a plastic ground cloth and I get to see little balls of static electricity like a sort of mini-fireworks show when I move.

We snuck across the big river and into enemy territory today, so my wife could visit their Chinamart. I went next door to Lowes and looked for naphtha, but all they had was quarts for $8, when I can buy it in another chain’s store down here for $16 a gallon. No thanks. I DID slip into Chinamart just long enough to look for a pocket calendar. I’d finally settled on a 7-inch square one for my desk recently. Square seems to be the new style of calendar these days and the square ones the same width as my old one was too “tall” for the old spot, so I’m standing the smaller one against my computer. It’s actually more convenient than the old location. Since I couldn’t find a pocket calendar anywhere in the store, I looked at an American-made pocket notebook but, while the quality was far better, it was $3 to China’s 26 cents, so I sadly settled for the cheaper one. I wanted a small calendar to mark down my pills as I take them, as I sometimes miss them.

When I got home, I did manage to go to the basement for a few minutes and drag out an antique bed that I’m giving my sweet little daughter-in-law. Hopefully, I’ll get it delivered before the weekend entirely escapes me. I was hoping to have a book to loan her if she desired, but my reading has been a bit lax lately and I may not be done in time.

I went onto Facebook for a while later and made a couple comments about politics and tattoos. I was immediately jumped by a sodomite and two snowflakes for daring to have an opinion that didn’t happen to jive with theirs. After a couple salvos, I wisely blocked them, so I wouldn’t have to tolerate opinions different than mine. – LOL - Of course they could have done that in the first place, but they really WANT someone to fuss with them. I guess it gives their life meaning. I DO get tired of all the haters, though.

I sat down with the missus and watched some of the inaugural concert, but wasn’t all that impressed. I thought Trump spoke well afterward. He’s got gonads; he came out from behind the bullet-proof glass surrounding his family when he spoke. I kept hoping some jerk with a .50MG sniper rifle wasn’t within a half-mile of the site. After the fireworks, he and his family went inside the Lincoln Memorial for a few minutes and stood before Lincoln’s statue and read and quietly chatted a little. As he stood there looking at the likeness of Lincoln, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was a little overwhelmed by the size of the task before him, and if he didn’t feel a bit like David, staring at a Goliath of a job.

I’ll be praying for him and those around him every day from now on; I hope you will, too. © 2017


Lady Locust said...

Hello there Gorges, we've been dealing with avalanches so I haven't been keeping up with blogging very well. Regardless, me thinks your basement must be related to Mary Poppins bag. I love hearing about what you discover down there:)
Maybe tonight you'll rest better.
Toothless for now.

Gorges Smythe said...

Hope your winter takes a turn for the better, LL.

Sixbears said...

I hope the day goes well.

I try and make sure the dog does one last nature call before going to bed. If I don't, she'll want to go out at 3:00 a. m.. Then I'm up for a few hours, fall back asleep and lose half the morning. Oh well. I can't help but wonder if something is wrong with your c-pap. Haven't heard of anyone else having the same problems. Might be something to mention to the Dr..

I decided to treat myself and get really good notebooks. I keep essential info in them, plus kick around a lot of ideas on paper. While all my electronic info was lost in the shipwreck, all my notebooks could be salvaged. Our address book with all my important numbers was super useful to have.

deborah harvey said...

husband has bipap.
friend said put spoon of hydrogen peroxide in water when you fill the tank. also use distilled water, not tap or well water.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sixbears, mine swigs so much water that she usually goes out three times between sunset and sunrise.

I'll try the peroxide, dh, thanks.