Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Just Another Day

Just after lunch, I loaded the old iron bed I was giving my daughter-in-law in the back of the truck. I knew my wife would want to go somewhere later, so I figured I’d make the trip serve a purpose. Eventually, she made the suggestion, so I quickly agreed. We took the pooch along, too. I went to the antique dealer’s and sold him a couple knick-knacks, a few old photos and a small handful of 1950’s post cards for enough to buy a half-tank of gas. That wasn’t much, but they were things that I’d decided not to keep anyway, so it beat trashing them. I wonder if I’ll still be sorting stuff out in another five years?

We got to “the kid’s” house before anyone got home, so I left the pieces of the old bed in their carport and messaged them on Facebook about it. The bed belonged to my great grandfather, then the folks used it for years. They finally started sleeping in separate beds as they got older, then it was Dad’s bed. I’m glad to keep a little history in the family, for now at least.

Not long after we got home, it sounded like something hit the roof and rolled or slid downward. When I looked later, there was another branch on the porch roof. I need to get up there and clean the gutters and the roof before spring. The missus changed her mind once again and told me that she wants me to go ahead and cut the two white oaks closest that side the house after all. I hate to do it, but I think it may be for the best. It might be different if I was 20 years younger, but I don’t relish going on the roof any more often than necessary these days. I’m not scared up there, it’s just so danged inconvenient for an old geezer.

I watched Shepard Smith on FOX for the first and last time this afternoon or evening. If I wanted that kind of liberal BS, I’d watch CNN. I sometimes wish FOX would quit trying to be so “fair” and just tell the truth. I still like Hannity and now Tucker Carlson (I think). O’Reilley isn’t too bad most of the time, either, except when he gets even more full of himself than normal.

I get most of my news anymore online from other bloggers, and some folks on Facebook who post news from various sources. And then there’s CBN, too. Truth is a hard thing to find on TV anymore. It’s been increasingly that way since the days of John Kennedy. He was the first president canonized by the media while Nixon was later demonized, though he was basically a pretty good president. All the former hippies now trying to run the country seem to forget that Nixon was the one who got us out of Vietnam, and that it was Johnson who put us there. I’m sure glad Trump came along. Maybe by the time he leaves office, the old hippies will be too old to do anything. Unfortunately, that probably means the snowflakes will be taking over. It will be curtains for sure when THAT happens.

I failed to mention that I changed my mind the other day and paid $7 for an Old Farmer’s Almanac. I still say it’s a rip-off, but I enjoy reading them, and sometimes look things up in them, though I’ve never planted by the moon in my life. Oh well, I guess if the missus can change her mind, so can I. Like the old saying goes, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” © 2017


Glen Filthie said...

I've pretty much dispensed with the mainstream media. I only use the TV for playing movies now. All my news comes from the blogs. I double check them against the media websites from time to time But I won't pay a cent to 'subscribe' to them and I ignore the obvious 'click bait'. When I DO read them, it is often like being trolled by children - STUPID children. When I was younger I would troll them right back in the comments and still do on occasion - but it's clear to me that the media is a big part of what's wrong with America - and to an even greater extent here in Canada.

I'm glad that there are wise elders from the 'hippy generation' that can see through all that crap too. The fact is - I am more interested in what The Missus and The Mighty Daschund are doing that what Madonna has to say about blowing up the White House. ;)

Ralph Goff said...

Its good to see you are giving or selling off some of the stuff you no longer want. Better that way than have someone throw it out as trash some day.

deborah harvey said...

read the 'woodpilereport' for news with links.
the hippies have run the country--into the ground.
thanks to God, i am from the South ,so, though there were a few hippies on campus, there were very few, and immoral with it.
they were tolerated but viewed askance.
one of them wanted a class boycott and sit-in but no one would do it!
he asked me but i told him that my dad wasn't working double overtimes and killing himself to pay for me to avoid expensive class time.
i don't know who was paying for that boy's tuition.

Gorges Smythe said...

Like you, Glen, I don't much bother with trolls anymore; i think that's what they want. I've noticed my personal posts are generally more popular than my "profound" ones. - lol

Yeah, Ralph, it'll save my stepson a lot of aggravation someday. I remember reading one time about a guy that said when he died, he wanted to leave behind only the clothes on his back and a letter to the IRS that started out, "About that money I owe you..."

Not HIM, obviously, dh.