Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Little Stuff

The only “excitement” here today was when someone rang our doorbell but no-one was there. The dog let out a howl when it rang and the missus practically ran to the door, but there wasn’t even a car in the driveway. The missus refused to believe me when I told her that she and the pooch must have been napping in front of the TV, since it sounded to me that was the source of the sound, though I was in my closet, er….office. I took the pooch out to drain immediately afterwards just to check her reaction, but there was no briggling around and sniffing and whining like there is when she smells the lingering scent of strangers. I told my wife, but she still refused to believe me, so I dropped it. She drifts off a LOT in front of the boob tube, but won’t admit it, and then she wonders why she can’t sleep at night. I’ve learned to just “wonder” along with her.

I lost another chunk of tooth a couple nights ago. Of course, according to the local TV station, since I’m over 60 and living in West Virginia, I’m not supposed to even HAVE any teeth. Nearly all of the kids who work there are from out of state, so they probably believe that garbage. They were probably surprised to discover that we wear shoes here, too.

I got my monthly stipend today, so we splurged and went to Panera Bread for lunch and then to Chinamart to pick up a few things. I rarely go there, as I feel they charge too much for their food. We could have had a nice meal somewhere for what we paid for two salads and teas. The salads were decent, but the green tea was pathetically weak.

At Chinamart, I looked for a natural broom-corn wisk broom, but there were none to be found. I wanted something to clean off my chainsaw before I poured gas and oil in it. I ended up getting a 3” nylon painting brush for $1.50, which should do the trick. I may get another the next time I go there, so I’ll have one in the back of the truck and one by the basement door, the two places that I usually fill and/or adjust my saw. I see where some of the Stihl saws are being made in China these days, though some are supposedly made in America, too. If I ever buy another saw, it will NOT be made in China, or I’ll buy a used one instead.

I picked up a pack of small zip-ties while I was shopping, but now I can’t remember what I was getting them for. Dern! I also got a small tarp for my chainsaw mill frame. It’s made from treated wood, but the new “safe” chemicals they use are next to worthless. Carpenter bees had drilled holes in the underside last summer, and there were fungi growing on one side of the frame. Guess it’s time to get it covered and paint it with used motor oil.

I picked up a small pack of fishing jigs to put in my pick-up truck “survival kit.” I’m not sure why, I guess if we ever got stuck away from home, my subconscious deemed them good additions to the fishing line, hooks and sinkers already in the kit. I put a small fire-starter log in there the other day, too. I’d carry a rifle in there if it was easier to be legal, but I guess I’ll have to settle for the (permitted) pistol in my pocket.

I like to cover all the bases, you know. © 2017


deborah harvey said...

this is from triple 'a'.
get a real coffee tin--big one made from metal. put a toilet paper roll in it and some strike anywhere matches.
in another container put a bottle of 91% alcohol.
if caught out and need quick fire pour alcohol over t.p., let set to absorb, and light with match.

i keep lots of t.p. in the car in any case because 'you never know'.

another triple 'a'. hint.

have another big coffee tin and some votive candles and some matches in the car.
if freezing and stuck in snow drift light one votive candle in the can.
then don't talk much to save oxygen.
and keep fairly still.
should keep vehicle occupants from freezing for a while. do this carefully.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sound like good ideas, dh.