Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Missed Opportunities

I haven’t been feeling all that rested when I get up lately, so after putting the new tubing and such on my C-PAP machine in the middle of the night, I used it for the first time in about three weeks. My sense of smell seemed to come back after about a week, so maybe I can use it a few days before the problem returns. I DID feel a little more rested, I thought, when I woke up an hour later than I was hoping. It’s strange, though, the funny feeling I get sometimes when I first awake from using it, almost like I’m half-sick. The feeling always goes away after a while, though.

Today was supposed to be the last “warm” day for a week at 39 degrees, so after I took the dog out, I’d planned to work outside a little while. Unfortunately, my wife had fixed lunch while I was sleeping and had it ready when I came back inside. It was only hotdogs, but she gave me three of them, piled high with sauce and slaw. I could have gotten by on just two, but didn’t want to scrape the slaw off the third one to reheat it later, so I went ahead and ate it. I figured after letting it all settle for an hour or so, I could STILL get some work in outside. Wouldn’t you know, the missus decided that we’d better swing by Chinamart and pick up a few things, since there’s supposed to be snow tonight, and we may not go out for a couple days.

I knew there wouldn’t be any handicapped carts, so I decided to stay in the truck while she shopped. It occurred to me that I’d probably have time to slip next door and dig some poke roots to plant in my “garden,” but since she didn’t have a rider, I reconsidered the idea. I wouldn’t have been surprised had she worn down quickly and checked out. Eventually, I had to go drain, so I went inside. Afterwards, I waited by one of the doors to swoop in on anyone using a rider who was leaving; that’s about the only way to get one. I finally DID get one, called my wife, met her and gave it to her, then returned to the truck. She was about ready to check out, she said, but would look a little longer, since she had a rider. Bad move on my part! I once again considered digging poke roots, but was afraid she’d be ready to leave and I’d be a quarter mile away with a shovel in my hand.

I tried to nap a little, but all I really accomplished was to rest my eyes, though even that helped some. I also read a little in my current “little brown book.” When we finally got home, I was STILL considering working outside a bit, but the temperature was down to 36 and the wind was awful. So, I just went into my office and got on the computer. I had enough comments to answer and new posts to read that it was past time to be worth taking a nap, so I didn’t go upstairs.

I really hate how worthless I’ve become in my old age, and especially since my heart health went to pot. Oh well, worthlessness seems so natural to me now! The missus met one of the daughters of a deceased first cousin in the store, who told her that two of that cousin’s siblings, a brother and a sister, are both in nursing homes with dementia. I guess I should be ashamed of myself for complaining about my problems. At least I still have MOST of my mind. © 2017


Lady Locust said...

Glad to hear the ol schnozzola is back in order. Hopefully a day or two of using the machine won't turn it around again. Also, a bit jealous ~ looked before supper and it was 8 outside. Not sure what it might be down to now.
(Side note: Am I the only one who misses the degree symbol when typing?)

Ralph Goff said...

Gorges, at least you have put in a good many useful years already. Some younger folks never get around to accomplishing much of anything other than swiping a screen or playing mindless video games all day.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's supposed to get down to 9 here in a couple nights, LL. I don't like it either. And yes, I wish we had a degree symbol on the keyboard!

Valid point, Ralph, and I sure payed my fair share of taxes! - lol

SJ from Vancouver BC said...

Sounds like you got a fair amount done, imo.

We're in between snow storms so I got out to buy some dog food and pick up the mail. This area gets snow storms that accumulate about once every five years or so. This year is one of the storm years. By accumulation, I mean there's about 18 inches on the ground that hasn't melted and more coming tonight and over the weekend. Most of the rest of the country is probably laughing at our news coverage of this 'big' event.
Just thought I'd say Hi. SJ in Vancouver BC

Gorges Smythe said...

We only have about an inch at this point, SJ, but it isn't stopping yet.