Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Saturday

We decided to go to Chinamart today to do our main shopping for the week. When the missus got out of the truck, I went next door and bought a couple new, empty gallon paint cans. (Ralph Goff will probably chuckle at that.) Used cans would serve for most things, but I figured I’d best have new for my project. One will hold naphtha for degreasing saw chains before sharpening and the other will hold bar oil to dip them in afterwards, and I didn’t know how either liquid would react with paint residue in a used can.

I never degreased my chains when I cut timber, but the dealers do it. It makes the chains cleaner to handle and makes your files last longer. However, since it’s best not to put a bone-dry chain back on the bar, I’ll dip them in oil after I sharpen them (the dealers do that too, I think). If plans go as desired, I may finally fire up my chainsaw mill this summer and will need to sharpen chains again. I may even see if I can file a few for profit, but I have doubts whether that will pan out.

I picked up a few things myself today at the store. Some were grocery items that my wife won’t use, so I paid for them with my small amount of remaining money from my monthly stipend. I also picked up a jar of pineapple chunks, not because I really “needed” them, but because I needed the jar. I guess I could do like some advertisers and say that if I paid nearly $3 for the jar, the pineapple was free! I would rather have had Mandarin oranges, but they were from Communist China, whereas the pineapple was from Thailand. I’m not sure that’s much better. Both were sold under the DOLE label. Remember when their fruit came from Florida and Hawaii? That’s one reason I don’t buy much of their stuff anymore.

I took the dog out when we got home, and then sat on the porch with her for a while. There were a couple vehicles on the 15 acres of vacant property across the road about 150 yards from the house. That piece is very narrow, but deep—like a piece of ribbon. There’s very little buildable land near the road, but enough for a couple houses. These guys seemed to be looking down over the brink at the next flat though. I assume the place is being sold and that we may soon have more cussed neighbors. My wife takes the opposite view and thinks another home nearby will make our place safer. If I’d have been able, I’d have bought both places across the road just so I WOULDN’T have another home nearby, but that’s just the sort of cranky old curmudgeon I am.

 Since it was the Sabbath, I didn’t do any work outside, though we had perfect weather for it. I would keep the Sabbath properly if my wife would, but she’s a “normal” Christian and thinks I’m a couple bricks shy of a load. So, she cooked a meal today and we went shopping. I know the Lord will forgive me, but I still don’t like doing it.

On a different note, they say prepping is already down since the election. I guess that makes a big statement about people’s faith in Trump, but folks should remember that not all catastrophes are political. I can’t do much prepping anymore, but I do what I can. I hope you do, too. We ALL need to be like the OLD Boy Scouts and be prepared. © 2017


Ralph Goff said...

Yes Gorges, I think my inherent cheapness might prevent me buying an empty paint can. But no doubt you have a good use for them. Hope you get your chain saw going and make a little sawdust this year.

Gorges Smythe said...

LOL - I understand perfectly, Ralph!

Pumice said...

Your last point about being prepared is an important one. There are enough natural disasters and local breakdowns to merit some basic preparations.

Grace and peace.

Tatersmama said...

With all the bad storms going in this neck of the woods right now, (although it sounds like S GA got the brunt) prepping is something that I will continue to do. We've got the generators handy, plenty of non-perishable food, and we're just about as prepared as we ever will be.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, Pumice; you should have a boat handy, since Kalifornia is supposed to slide off into the ocean.

Hang in there then, Tm, you'll make it for sure!