Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Read This Only If You’re Bored

Yesterday, I’d planned to work outside a bit before the rain came. Unfortunately, I had a strange feeling in my chest. I wouldn’t call it tightness, nor pain, nor ache, nor soreness, but maybe a VERY light blend of ALL of them. I didn’t tell the missus and I resisted the urge to go to the quick-med place and get checked out, but I didn’t go out and run the chainsaw as I’d planned, either.

I DID take a couple aspirin and drink a half-liter of water to thin my blood a little, just in case. Gradually, I decided that the sensation was from lying nearly all night on my left side the previous night. With my weight, lying on my side puts some pressure on my sternum, as my chest muscles (and chest blubber) compress. I normally try to spend some time on my back and on my left side, but that night, I slept longer and deeper than normal and I ended up in the same position most of the night. By mid-afternoon, the feeling was gone.

Speaking of my C-PAP machine, my loss of scenting ability began to return after only three day’s use, despite not using Vicks anymore and starting the occasion use of saline spray. So, I didn’t use it the next night and only part of the night the next. If I wake up feeling like the sensation is returning, or sick to my stomach in the slightest, I take a break from it for a couple hours or longer. So far, my ability to smell things has stayed intact since making that slight adjustment.

After watching the 700 Club and taking my wife and the pooch for a spin, I only had a few minutes of daylight left, so I went to the basement and got a couple things to take upstairs to work with. (Since my basement shop needs organized badly and my wife has the basement stairs blocked because it’s in use as a “broom closet,” I’ve decided to sharpen my saw chains in my bedroom – lol). That movement of materials was the extent of my “work” for the day.

I got a message on my phone the other day that my “device” (pacemaker/defibrillator) had indicated that my heart rate has been up some lately. My heart doctor wants me to get a blood test to see what my Dioxin (Digitalis) levels are and may raise them. I wonder, though, if those higher rates are at night. Since I didn’t use my C-PAP for three weeks and don’t normally use it for the entire night even now. I’ve got a notion to try finding out before I go get stuck for nothing.

When I was in the basement moving some things, I think I saw my little cordless circle-saw under some other stuff. I was afraid it had been stolen from my truck when I accidentally left it unlocked a few times at Chinamart. I REALLY need to organize my basement. That was supposed to be one of my winter projects and I need to get on it.

Well, a couple more days and we’ll have a new president. I hope you all will join me in praying for his safety and that he’ll get holy guidance during his time in office. © 2017


Chickenmom said...

Go get stuck, Gorges - do what the doctor ordered! I pray for the safety of Mr. Trump and his family every night.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm sure a LOT of us are praying, Cm, and I'm glad, especially after reading what I posted about Roger Stone being poisoned. As for getting stuck that's not what concerns me, I just don't want my meds changed unless the doc has the WHOLE story. Thanks for your concern, though.