Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday Blather

We decided last night to go to Chinamart a little earlier today, so the missus could get a rider. Still, I didn’t hit the hay until half after midnight. I think it got down to 9°F last night; I know it sure felt like it when I went out in my skivvies and a pair of rubber “slippers” at 5 o’clock this morning to let the dog drain. The light breeze made it worse. I stayed in bed until 10 this morning, figuring there was no need to get up since there was probably ice on my favorite fishing hole anyway, wherever THAT is. As soon as I was up and dressed and took the Mighty Dachshund out to dump and drain, the missus had “lunch” (brunch?) ready, so I ate at 10:15.

I knew it was going to be some Stouffer’s pasta from a box, but I told my wife I’d never seen spaghetti noodles in lasagna before. She told me that it WASN’T lasagna, but chicken parmesan. Here I thought that tasteless cardboard-like stuff in the middle of the spaghetti was a just a supper-thick layer of lousy cheese. It always amazes me how companies can take actual food and make it tasteless or plain bad-tasting. This was simply bland; the chicken had no flavor, the cheese had no flavor and the sauce had no flavor. They also appeared to have been rationing the oregano. There was so little that they could said it was French or English as easily as Italian, as there really wasn’t anything to indicate the nationality of the dish except the noodles.

We got to Chinamart about 11 and the missus DID get a handicapped cart. I told her that I was going to stay in the truck and read, but I actually went to the far end of the little town we were in to see if my gas station still had any lighter fluid. They were sold out. I checked two other stations on my way back and they said that they never carried it. I did gas up at the last station, so the wife may eventually wonder how that last batch of gas is lasting so long. Back at Chinamart, I decided that my bladder was calling my name, so I went inside. Lo and behold, there was a rider available, so I grabbed it. After having more to take care of more in the little room of rest than I’d originally counted on, I finally got on my electric steed and headed for the magazine rack as fast as the little lopsided wheels would take me. It sort of reminded me of my horseback years.

After reading a couple magazines, the missus finally swung by and said she was ready to split that joint, so I went out and started the truck, so it could warm up for her. It never did get above 19 here today, but the wind chill made it seem colder. On our way home, I stopped by our only serious tobacco shop in town and they DID have lighter fluid, but at a cost that was more than what change I’d allowed for it (50% higher than the gas station, WHEN they have it) and the missus had any serious money in the truck outside. I decided to wait a few days and check the station the next time I fuel up to see if they have any in. Incidentally, Chinamart doesn’t carry it either. Apparently, the cheap little Chinese Bic-style lighters have replaced quality lighters and no-one stocks either the lighters or the fluid anymore. Who’d a thunk? The only reason I want some is because butane lighters aren’t work a half-a-crap in the cold and I want one to heat keys for frozen locks.

When we got home, we had the “Stouffer’s stuff” for an early supper and I went upstairs to see if The Woodwright’s Shop was anything interesting. It would have been about ten showings ago, but I chose to take a little nap instead. Two degrees lower tonight, they say. Stay warm, folks! © 2017


Caddie said...

You didn't get snow? It's a bitter cold snowy white world here. Both doors frozen closed - a real dilemma as the 6 dogs are clamoring to go out. I'm stuck and stranded; so are they. A fight-to-the-death broke out and one injured my leg deeply. Now what is my next step? Mobile homes burn fast.
Ah, Mother Nature and unexpected tricks on me.

Gorges Smythe said...

We got about 3 inches the other day, and it's still here. Have you tried tapping the doors with something heavy? Maybe you'd better call a neighbor! Take care of that wound; maybe you should let a doctor look at it.