Sunday, January 22, 2017

Surrounded By Perversion

Everywhere I go online, I keep bumping into photos of the women’s march in Washington. Like the rioters, many seem a little unclear about what they’re protesting. In one photo, several women are holding signs stating that they want to protect “productive rights.” Obviously, they don’t really understand the meaning of the words they’re using. If they did, they’d know that their signs indicate that they’re fighting for the right for women to HAVE babies, not murder them. They need to go back to using the term “abortion rights,” if they’re going to be hell-bound murderers, they might at least be honest about it.

On a more personal note my dinky office is right next door to my wife’s room, where she’s watching the little flock of semi-fundamentalist Mormons that have a “reality” show called “Sister Wives.” Currently, the little group of perverts is dealing with the very brattiest of their offspring who has decided that she’s a lesbian. I can’t help but hear it, but the whole think makes me almost sick. Perverts can pop up anywhere, but I have to wonder if it’s more likely in homes where sexual practices are weird (and sinful) to begin with. © 2017


Glen Filthie said...

they've lost their way, Gorges. Darwin and Murphy will have their way with them in this world and our Maker will deal with them in the next, I suppose.

deborah harvey said...

a few years back those signs said 'reproductive' rights.
both terms incorrect, as you have pointed out.
they are productive, however, because they produce chaos and evil. they are pig ignorant and probably wouldn't understand plain english and logic. no use at all talking to them.
as always, most important thing is to pray for this country, for the world and for humanity.
demons are hard at work.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sad, but true, Glen.

God may be letting Satan have his way for now, dh, but Jesus is coming back!