Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Little Catching Up (Why, I Don’t Know)

Sunday, I finally got some more firewood poles and logs drug up from the back yard to my front-lawn “log-yard.” I had to air up the left rear tire again on my lawn tractor. I really should take it to town and have a tube put in. Even after all these years, I STILL don’t like tubeless tires.

Monday, we got my wife’s car started and she drove it a few miles to charge up the battery. Before she left, I told her to back into the sloping parking space and jam on the brake, to see if my fallen socket would shake loose from a plastic “tray” under the radiator that I can’t reach. Instead, she crept backwards, nearly hitting my truck three times before I moved it. When she returned, she hit one of my firewood poles coming in the driveway (no damage, thankfully). I’ve been telling her for several years that she needs to get out at least once a week and drive, so her car would keep running okay. It appears that I should have been more concerned about her losing her abilities. From now on, it will worry me every time she leaves the driveway, especially since I notice her memory slipping slightly. (Don’t you DARE tell I said any of this!)

Tuesday, I finally managed to get a haircut. I’ve been trying to get one for weeks, but anytime I had the $10, I didn’t have the time, and whenever I had the time, I didn’t have the money. I finally managed to lay back an extra $10 and save it until I had the time. You’d think a retired guy would have all the time in the world, but I carried that small stash in my wallet for over TWO WEEKS!

Wednesday, I got the firewood poles and logs in my log-yard cut to length, and the wood that was already stacked covered with a tarp. It began to rain about dark and turned to snow before midnight, so I’m glad it’s covered. I have to split the rest before I can stack it. We ended up with about two inches of wet snow. It never got up to freezing today, so nothing melted, but it should be gone tomorrow or the next day, according to the weatherman. I have to admit that it’s beautiful outside today. It wasn’t a lot of fun knocking off the ice that was covering the door handle on my truck today, though.

I took the missus to walk a round or two in the mall today (Thursday). The pooch and I waited in the truck. She nearly fell when exiting the mall door, due to the strength of the door cylinder, and a nice young woman insisted on helping her over to where I pulled up on the sidewalk for her to climb in.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow around here. Between how I’m feeling, the weather, necessary errands, and my wife’s changeable schedule, everything’s a crap-shoot. Only hindsight will tell, I guess. © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Maybe you guys could sell the wife's car to get a little extra cash as it sounds like she might tear it up eventually. Probably paying a lot for insurance and tags, I just keep my car as I am trying not to wear out my truck, I would like it to out last me.

deborah harvey said...

for memory eat turmeric yellow mustard has it. 2 tsps daily or eat turmeric powder in food. i don't like it so i sprinkle a bit into most things.
for femaLES of a certain age take vitamin e.
stimulates brain which is fired by estrogen in youth.

Gorges Smythe said...

She'd never go for that, SF!

Thanks for the info, dh.