Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Thought For The “Crooked Media”

From the first moment that Donald Trump walked onto the political scene, the majority of those in the American press have told one lie after another about the man. Even some liberals are beginning to grow tired of the bias and boldness of the press and are beginning to doubt their relevance. Needless to say, moderates and conservatives wrote them off LONG ago.

SO, let’s suppose that Trump has half of America fooled and at some future point actually turns into the tyrannical, bullying fascist the press has called him all along. The press will go ballistic and raise more hell and throw more accusations than ever before, of course. The problem IS, WHO WOULD BELIEVE THEM, when even many liberals are losing faith in them?

In the highly unlikely event that anyone in the press would actually read this (and most likely not grasp the idea), think of the little boy who cried wolf. © 2017


Pumice said...

They went to public school. I doubt if they would get your reference.

Grace and peace

Gorges Smythe said...

Probably not, Pumice.