Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pocket Knives And Bureaucrats

When I was a kid, probably every boy in my grade school carried a pocket knife. Since many of us kids lived on farms and used knives daily, even many of the girls carried small knives in their purses. They were good for a LOT of things, but especially cutting the twine on hay bales, if it was your job to feed the cattle when you first got home. Many a time, a woman teacher who needed to cut something too tough for scissors would ask to borrow a knife from one of the boys. No-one thought a thing about it. That held true all the way through high school. Heck, we even took our guns in our cars in high school, so we could hunt some on the way home at times. But times have changed—DRASTICALLY!

A few days ago, a couple local lads (ages 11 and 17) spent the night with their grandmother. The few items they took with them went into the younger one’s backpack, including the older boy’s pocket knife. Unfortunately, he forgot to remove it the next school day, and it was there in the backpack when the younger boy went to school. Upon finding it there, the trusting kid turned it over to his teacher, knowing that they weren’t allowed to have knives in school. His teacher took the matter to the principle, who expelled the boy for a week. Then, some-one discovered the blade was 1/8 of an inch over legal and the school board expelled him for the whole year.

In my view, if the teacher had any human decency, he/she would have told the boy to put the knife back in the pack and not mention it to a soul. If the principle was any sort of human being, he/she would have done the same. The school board, of course are elected and have to cover their backsides so they can get re-elected, so they were the most heartless, uncompassionate, spineless people of all. Every school official from the teacher on has absolutely no concept of true morals, or they would have behaved differently.

The kid didn’t know it was even there until near the end of the day. He has a good reputation (or DID). It was the older brother who made the initial mistake, but no allowance was made for that fact. The actions of the so-called “educators” WERE a learning experience for ALL students, though. The students should now know to NEVER tell their teachers ANYTHING. They now know that honesty is NOT the best policy, and that they should lie through their teeth to avoid trouble, after all the penalty will be no worse!

Yes, Wood County West Virginia Board of Education and so-called educators, you have certainly taught the students of this county something. You have taught them that you have absolutely no morals or common sense and that they have nothing to gain by having those formerly admirable traits, either. Congratulations folks; you should be SO VERY PROUD! © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Lesson learned don't trust a teacher. The kid should have never shown the knife to anybody. He is lucky he didn't get sent to a prison school to be indoctrinated in feminism.
I bought an old rusted inoperable pistol from another kid in elementary school and the teacher thought it was a really neat relic, imagine that now, it would make national news.

Fredd said...

The school folk are not rotten or evil. They are simply Democrats, and they are 'dancing with them what brung them.'

Democrats control teacher's unions, and these unions are where all things flow: money, power, promotions, retirement funds, EVERYTHING.

They are victims of their ideology.

Or, in other words: if you lie down with dogs, you get the fleas.

Ralph Goff said...

Seems a bit extreme. Its true what they say about common sense. Somebody needed to stand up and say this does not make any sense. Unless the kid had a history of problems.

Pumice said...

With many other teachers that would have been the case but the number of snowflakes with no backbone is rising. I have had kids make finger guns and shoot at me. I warn them that if they do that to the wrong adult at school they may find themselves expelled. I don't think it gets through to them.

Crazy world.

Grace and peace.

Harry Flashman said...

That's pathetic.

The kids should NEVER have brought it to the attention of a bureaucrat there at the school. I know he was trying to be a good citizen but those days of confessing a mistake and it being taken as a learning experience are over.

My wife and I went to the courthouse here to take care of a tax matter not long ago. They have metal detectors at the doors. My wife had a little nail file pocket knife thing in her purse, not two inches long. They wouldn't let her in. They said she had to go leave it in the car. I told her to just go on out and wait for me in the car.

Lady Locust said...

Whether knives or guns, when did they move from a tool to a weapon? We all packed knives, half the rigs outside had guns in racks, and right after hunting season, we cleaned the wood shop tip to toe covered tables and learned to cut meat. The teacher handed us "big" knives for that job.

Gorges Smythe said...

True on both counts, SF.

Democrats ARE rotten and evil, Fredd. Luckily, not ALL school folks are democrats.

Couldn't agree more, Ralph.

Crazy world indeed, Pumice!

Yeah, Harry, she might have decapitated someone with her nail file!

Obviously, LL, the times have changed.