Monday, February 13, 2017

"Saving Money"

While my wife was looking through the big craft store today, I went over to Rural King to pick up a couple things I needed. While there, I was viciously attacked by a BAD case of the back-house two-step. While in the process of dealing with that problem, the missus called and said that she was ready for me to pick her up at the craft shop. I explained my situation and told her I'd try to hurry.

When I finished the required paperwork, I took my buggy to the check out. There was only one register open, but there were only a couple people there, so I waited. THEN, the card machine had some kind of problem processing their credit card. A couple minutes later, the problem seemed no closer to being solved, so I left my buggy, with it's three items, and headed off to pick up my wife.

No doubt, the manager though that he/she was saving money by only having one register open, but they lost a $30 sale on account of it. I've seen a lot of other folks over the years do the same thing, so you KNOW they aren't REALLY saving money by being such tightwads. I'm sure their workers get only minimum wage. Oh well, there's another store that I'm near more often anyway; I guess I'll spend my money THERE. © 2017


Lady Locust said...

I did something similar this weekend but I was at lg chain fabric/craft store. I had a piece to cut. They had only one person in the store who was handling the checkout line. I left "my number" (like DMV) and the fabric on the cutting counter and left after waiting, looking around, etc. I found what I needed elsewhere and actually cheaper so it worked out fine.

Harry Flashman said...

We don't have many places to shop, so I generally have to just stand in line and be pissed off. But it's not broken credit card machines that are the bane of my existence. It's old ladies that stand there and visit with the clerk after they have finished paying. Some if them will stand there and talk for three or four minutes like that, while everybody in line stands there waiting.

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad it worked out for you, LL!

They get lonely, Harry. I used to get some lonely old folks when I did telemarketing. I'd talk to them until I would be in danger of wasting phone time just to give them a little human contact. Still, like you, I hate to be in line behind them! - lol