Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Grump And Growl

I took the missus to Chinamart again today. While she started shopping, I went next door to Lowe's and looked for a handicapped spot between the doors, forgetting that they don’t have any. Instead, they have some by the exit and some by the lawn and garden center, but NONE in a central location where they would do the most people the most good. Plus, they only have about half as many as they need. Stores seem unaware that the nation’s largest generation is aging rapidly and could use a break now and then.

Going inside, I found only two electric scooters, neither of which had a key. After checking with the closest clerk, he told me that one didn’t work, but that the other one did and should have a key. It did, in the fold of the floor mat. It took me all of 30 feet before it died. The scooters they use are super cheap and have no charge indicator. I was hobbling a bit today and chose not to trek the vast warehouse to find what I wanted. The entry doors wouldn’t open to let me back out, so I had to hobble clear around the “service” area and go through an unused check out to get to the exit door RIGHT BESIDE THE ENTRANCE! Despite having scooters, Lowe's apparently doesn’t really want any business from handicapped folks.

Next, I went across the road to Tractor Supply. They have no scooters, but they’re a smaller store and their handicapped spaces are right by the door. They had the small wire brass brush I was looking for, but were selling the thing for triple what it was worth because of the name on the handle. I didn’t buy it. Then, I looked for filing gauges for the rakers on sawchains. There are three common sizes of chain, so I wanted one of each, but they only had the largest (and most common) size. It was more than I had planned on spending, so I was going to have to use my credit card. However, after standing in line a while, the guy in front of me used a card and the machine wouldn’t process it. I put the gauge back and left. Just as I walked out the door, the machine kicked in and the fellow got to the door just after me.

I noticed they had wisk brooms while I was there, but they were from Mexico and weren’t worth taking home. Besides, I bought some cheap paint brushes to serve the same purpose recently. When I went in Chinamart, I learned that they also had gotten some in since the last time I looked, but they looked like crap, too. The scooter I got there had a full charge, but it seemed to have a flat spot on one rear wheel. I call those scooters “Galloping Gerties,” since you feel like you’re riding a horse.

When I got home, I finally managed to get the sawchain replaced with a sharp one and topped off the bar oil and the fuel. The oil jug that Stihl puts out doesn’t pour well when it’s full, so I got some oil on the outside of the saw. The breeze didn’t help any. I think I’ll pour the oil in an empty water jug, they pour better.
The missus is watching the polygamous Mormons again tonight, so I think I’ll go upstairs and see if I can find anything on what few channels I can get on that TV. I may find some way to get a cheap new one this year, so I can watch something interesting when the missus is watching stuff I don’t approve of.

Well, I guess I’ve gotten everything off my chest, so have a good evening! © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I haven't seen decent whisk brooms in a good while, now I know to use cheap paint brushes thanks to you.
You need to rig up your own scooter, maybe use an old riding lawnmower with a propane tank fuel system. It may be a little loud in walmart but what can they say if they don't have a working scooter. By the time you lay rubber in a few isles and roar through the store, they will suddenly decide to get their scooters working. You could even hook a trailer on the back, it could be a cool handicap vehicle and they would be afraid to say anything most likely.

Mike said...

Well, I hope tomorrow is a lot better for you than today was!

Gorges Smythe said...

Hey, SF, if I put extra trailers behind, I could have my own little train and give rides! - lol

lol - It wasn't a BAD day, Mike, I just grump as a past-time!

Vicki said...

Go ahead...grump and growl all you want. It is good for the soul. You know that's true - you read my blog. :)

Ralph Goff said...

I figured everybody except me would have been watching the Super Bowl game this evening.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, maybe so, Vicki, but I think I generally outgrump you! - lol

Ralph, I haven't followed sports since I left high school and didn't know the boys playing anymore.