Saturday, February 11, 2017

That And This

It never got up to 41 yesterday as they predicted here, only to 30, so we kept our snow. It started warming in the night, though, and by morning, most of our paltry two inches was gone, due to the 40 degree temperature. When we went to town, though, snow still lay in the valley and in town. It soon got up to 60 and in a couple hours, thoseareas, too, were clear of the white stuff. Have I mentioned how much I love the color brown?

When we got back, the first Woodwright Shop wasn’t anything I wanted to watch, so I set the alarm for an hour later and took a nap. I remember shutting off the alarm when it rang, but not what the second show was about. Half an hour later, I woke up and went downstairs, where my wife told me what the show had been. It wasn’t anything I would have watched anyway, so it’s just as well I got that extra half-hour.

We went out again later and I was tooling along at 30mph in a three-lane, one-way 40mph zone when a ratty-looking pickup pulled along my side and the young male passenger motioned for me to roll the window down. I just ignored him and drove on, figuring he was just going to cuss me for holding him up. They turned off a block down the street, making me think I was right. A lot of guys are brave when they know they’re going to turn off the road soon.

My wife, however, became convinced that he was trying to tell me that my tail-lights weren’t working and demanded that I head for home. When I finally got a place to pull over, I checked and my lights were fine, meaning that my original thoughts about the young hooligan were probably correct.

She then wanted me to turn around and head back towards her son’s house, just so she could drive by. She’d already had me take her by her old home place on the way to town. She apparently has “the lonelies” today. I can’t blame her exactly. For the most part, her family has never paid any attention to her except when they wanted something from her. Her son isn’t too bad a sort, but he lives in his own little world and hasn’t contacted her for weeks. She doesn’t want to push herself in, so she once went five months without contacting him. But anymore, I think even HE would contact HER before that amount of time, wondering why SHE hadn’t called HIM! – LOL -  We’ll probably stop by his place tomorrow, since it’s the only way to ever see him. Hopefully he’ll be there. Maybe the granddaughter will be there, too. I hope so. We old codgers don’t hold much interest for a ten-year-old, but it’s still nice to see her. At least she’ll give us a hug. Old folks can use a hug once in a while!

It’s supposed to be warm again tomorrow; I hope it is, since I’d like to split a little firewood. I worry that things will bud out with all these warm spells, though, and then get burned back by frost and freezing. The poor, pathetic deer in this area could sure use a good acorn crop for a change. I’m sure those with fruit trees are concerned, too. Oh well. Que sera, sera. © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I remember when the woodwright first came on TV, I didn't miss a show for years but some of the new ones are not really associated with anything that I would or could do. They are a good record of how things were done and will probably be referenced for hundreds of years. It must be hard to do a show for so long and come up with new things. It seems that he used to do more with fresh cut trees and make some tool or piece of furniture out of the tree that he cut down. Now the show is mainly in the shop and produces fine types of furniture instead of rustic stuff. It is worth watching if anyone hasn't seen it.

HermitJim said...

All of us older folks can always use a big hug from time to time. Winter seems the best time to come down with a case of the "lonlies" for sure.

High here in the big city got up to about 82 or so today.

Ralph Goff said...

It never ceases to amaze me how many people seem to think it is ok, even their duty to comment or criticize other people's driving. I wonder if it was always this way and I didn't notice it? Or are we just generally less tolerant of other humans these days?

Gorges Smythe said...

I prefer the older shows, myself, SF.

82? Wow, Jim; it's time for air-conditioning! - lol

People are changing, Ralph, and it's not for the better.