Saturday, March 4, 2017

Another Tiny Step In The Right Direction

The missus went to the Chinamart on the far side of town to pick up a few things today. We took the Mighty Dachshund, so I stayed at the truck with her. After sharing a beef stick with her. I put her on the long leash and let her sniff around in the grass at the edge of the Lowe’s lot next door, while I sat on the tailgate. Eventually, she wanted to travel further, so I got off my duff and walked her around a little. While doing so, I noticed a nice rosette of yellow-dock in the rough area outside the mowed area. When I put the little hound back in the truck, I got my shovel from the truck bed and dug it up.

On arriving home, I set the dock plant in the center of the old tire where I have some poke planted in a ring around the edge. I figure that the dock will show up first every year and give me some greens. Then, it will be an “understory” plant once the poke starts growing. Maybe it will give me some seed to expand my “greens garden” eventually. One thing about it, most folks won’t bother to steal greens if times get tough. © 2017


deborah harvey said...

most of us don't know what's edible, anyway.
i only know a couple.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

If we lived closer you could have had all of my dock weeds that I dug out of the garden and threw over the fence to the chickens. They seem to really like eating the young leaves. There is no getting rid of them as it grows back from pieces of the root which breaks easy when digging. Kind of a neat root that is yellow where it breaks so I guess the name comes from that. I have never eaten them but I have heard of people eating them. I am starting to see chicory putting out the first leaves so you might want to get some of those roots as well.

Janet said...

Sunnybrook -- You should have very healthy chickens.

It tickled me to read you dug up the yellow dock and took it home to live next to your polk. If you learn to eat the weeds you will never starve. I just learned on a you tube the other night you can eat canna roots.

An older gentleman just dropped by and had been sick. He told us his mother would give him a teaspoon of skunk oil for his cough. What a surprise to learn the ladies in Orlando, WV used to do this: We are loaded with skunks around here right now, but think I will stick with the yellow dock.

Ralph Goff said...

The only greens I have here are the beans in my freezer that I grew last summer.