Sunday, March 26, 2017

Catch-Up For The Week

Tuesday, we went to the Social Security Office and filed for my wife’s SS, not on HER work, but on mine as a disabled person. Things looked good to go!

Thursday, we spent three-and-a-half hours at the county Senior Citizen’s office, only to learn that they couldn’t do out taxes after all. Apparently, they aren’t allowed to do mortgage income, so we took the papers over to my stepson to do the task. We’d hoped to avoid bothering him with them this year, since he’s working a different job, but I told him that he was now stuck for life. I used to be self-employed and prided myself on doing my own taxes (and those of my parents), but they “simplified” them so much that they became completely inunderstandable to me.

Saturday, we got a letter from the main Social Security Office saying that my wife didn’t qualify for SS due to insufficient income. That means they didn’t even read the form before rejecting it. I’ll fight it. We also got groceries for us and Mom on Saturday.

Today (Sunday), I managed to get my little chainsaw mill frame roughly stabilized and leveled before the rain ran me in. It still has to be shimmed further to get it perfectly level, but that involves patience, not hard work. Lastly, I’ll drive 4-6 stakes around it to keep it from shifting, and then I’ll be ready to finish creosoting the wood and bolt on hardware.

Not exactly a good week, but it could have been worse. Hope yours was better.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

You should have filled out the SS stuff in a foreign language, they would have passed it on through as she would have been more deserving of the benefits based on how things are now.
Not a lot accomplished here but I did manage not to get involved with the government but I need to go to DMV soon so that will ruin at least a day.

deborah harvey said...

got my less than 400$ per month through my husband.
wrote an email was told i had not put enough in.
went to the office in person and it all went fine.

did not read bundy trial link. upsets me to the point of becoming literally sick.
i pray for them occasionally. and for our miserable country.

Caddie said...

Dealing with any government faction is too often like dealing with brick walls ...enforced with steel rod.

Pumice said...

When we went to Social Security we had a very competent lady. She said my wife did not have enough quarters to qualify on her own but she could get something under my account. She said that first she would have to get her rejected so she could qualify. She fill out the form that she knew would be rejected and it was. We signed all that. Then she went on and filled out the second form. The key is in getting that government worker who will actually do their job.

Keep after them. If we can get a check from social security then you should be able to get it since I think you need it even more.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

lol - You're probably right about the language, SF. I called them today and they said it was law that they had to decline her based on HER income (which we didn't even file for) before they could approve it based on MY income. You have to wonder what moron came up with THAT "logic."

Have you tried for SSI, dh?

So true, Caddie!

It appears that she WILL get it, Pumice. Thanks.