Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's Embarrassing

I'll treat anyone okay that treats me okay, but that doesn't mean that I support everything they believe or will give them my business, if I feel they have moral issues.That's why, many years ago, I was a little embarrassed when a sodomite on the Johnny Carson show said that San Francisco, California and Parkersburg, West Virginia were the two most tolerant cities in the nation for sodomites and lesbians. Since Parkersburg is the county seat of the county in which I reside, I was more than a little concerned.

A few years ago, the guy who was mayor had a sign put up at the city limits stating that Parkersburg believed in diversity. That may sound racial or religious, but in Parkersburg, it was aimed at making the sexual deviants feel welcome. Just because I don't believe in mistreating them doesn't mean that I want to encourage either their behavior or their moving here. It's hard to fight city hall, as they say, and even one of our local officials has something in common with a three dollar bill, despite him calling himself a republican.

This week, a bill was put before the city council to make it illegal in the city for a business to discriminate for various reasons, including sexual preference. What that really means is that like California law, it will be illegal for a Christian business person to refuse to bake a "gay" wedding cake, etc. in our county seat. I'm sure the officials who want it passed haven't thought that Christian businesses may well choose to relocate in the adjoining city to escape such immoral laws. I found it interesting that a woman stood to speak in favor of it, while calling herself a "Christian," despite the fact that the law was created largely to benefit those who practice a lifestyle that Almighty God calls an abomination. It's a sick world we live in, and Parkersburg seems to be leading the charge to perdition.


Glen Filthie said...

When my daughter came out of the closet, it wasn't enough to tolerate it. You HAD to become an enthusiastic cheerleader too - at least in my wife's family. I remember my liberal in laws laughing at me and making sure I knew that they intended to push my daughter's degenerate sexuality down my throat. The were absolutely furious, then horrified and finally saddened when I pushed back.

You are tolerating them just fine Gorges. Hold your nose, hold your tongue, do your thing and let them do theirs. God and Darwin and Murphy will take care of the them. The vast majority of them will never be happy and all they can do is spread misery and anger. I don't have time for that, myself.

I know how to fight them too. "Want me to bake you a cake, Mr. and Mr. Fudgepacker? No problem! Price is three times what the competitors are charging! Delivery is going to be four times longer than my competition! Oh, and when we deliver don't be surprised if some dung fell into the batter when we made it! Sorry for all that - but rest assured our bakery supports diversity!!!"

The culture war is on Gorges. Sit it out if you can, or or go underground if you can't. Whatever you do, don't try to take them straight on because they've cuorrupted the courts and the media... for now.

Gorges Smythe said...

The important thing, Glen, ism that GOD isn't going to change His mind, no matter how loud the twisted folks scream.