Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Stroll On The Lawn (w/pics)

No panoramas here today—just photos of three things in my yard. The first is the “garden” I’ve mentioned. You’ll notice it’s confined to three old tire casings and contains three dock plants, which seem quite healthy, I might add. A couple poke roots have sprouted in the center casing; it remains to be seen if any more will follow. I have at least three more old casings that I hope to put to use before the summer’s end for something, maybe dandelions and chicory.

Click images to enlarge.

The second photo is of some bluets, though they probably would have shown themselves better from a side shot. They’re bluer than they appear, but still a LIGHT blue. I usually just mow them off, but I left a couple clumps of them this time, since my wife enjoys them. She remembers picking them as a child.

The third photo is of some Easter flowers (daffodils) that come up every year, but never bloom. Since the early ones bloomed a month ago, I suspect these will be white ones like the ones in the upper left of the photo if they ever bloom. I’ll probably dose them with night water if they bloom this year and move them next year.

It stormed here all last night and the big creek in the main valley to town is running ¾ bank. It’s miserable hot here today, and humid. The missus wants to go for a ride, but the AC in the truck won’t be fixed until at least Tuesday, so we may wait a while. Frankly, I wouldn’t go until a cooler day, but some folks have to learn the hard way. I hope everything is okay where you are. © 2017


deborah harvey said...

now i know what the bluets are called!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

You are eventually going to have a pile of them coming out of the tires. I am still hoping that mine won't grow as they are in the garden, they seem to grow very well there. I cut the docks once in awhile as the chickens really like them.

Vicki said...

It is fun to see what folks are doing in their yards. The tiny blue flowers are lovely.

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad I could help, dh.

That's okay, SF. They don't have to be replanted and my wife won't eat anything I raise anyway, so I'll have plenty of greens.

Glad you enjoyed the view, Vicki.

Ralph Goff said...

Nice day in Sask. but in no way did we need AC. In fact now the sun is down my gas heater is running as 65 degrees is not comfortable to sit around.

Harry Flashman said...

It was really hot here yesterday too. We had to take the dogs to the county rabies clinic and stand in line in the sun. I thought we were all going to croak.

Gorges Smythe said...

You just don't carry as much insulation on your frame as I do, Ralph!

Glad you all survived it, Harry.

Judy said...

I would bet those daffodils need to be dug up and separated. I was surprised when I dug up some to move to a new location just how many bulbs were in that spot. After replanting, I had blooms galore and I moved them before they died back.