Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday, Sunday

The excitement was underwhelming today; we went to the Chinamart on the FAR side of town to pick up what we missed at OURS yesterday. Actually, I DID go next door and wander around at Lowe’s a few minutes after my wife went in Chinamart. There, I got a piece of plastic gutter and a large metal handle like you put on outbuilding doors or tool chests. They wanted $24 for a simple steel strap painted black to use on a house some way, but only $5 for the out-fashioned formed metal handle. SOMEONE should be ashamed of themselves for asking $24 for 14’ of flat steel bar with four little bends in it!

When I got home, I put the dog out and let her drain and dump and then expelled her anal glands. The latter is certainly no fun. I’m sure it was even “funner” in the days before examination gloves, or maybe owners just let their pets suffer, unaware of what the problem was. We then sat on the porch a few minutes until the missus got lonely and wanted us to come in. The pooch was willing, but I chose to stay outside a little longer.

I then glued the end caps on the piece of gutter I’d picked up so I could use it as a long, narrow “dip tank” for treating lath and bean-poles in bleach water or a borax solution. The sealant said that it took 7-14 DAYS to fully set! It sort of makes me wonder if I should put some stainless screws in the end caps to help hold them on. I decided to wait until another time to install the metal handle next to the front door, where we have to take a step up into the house.

Instead of doing anything productive, I sat in the swing again for a while. I can still smell the creosote from my painting on the sawmill frame the other day. It gives me a strange pleasure to see the little frame down in the back yard, only about 50 feet from the back corner of the house. I’ve been forced to pay prices that I consider highway robbery to buy even the littlest board since I quit sawing 20+ years ago. I won’t be putting out any 1000-2000 feet a day with a chainsaw, like I did with my old circle mill, but at least I can cut a few boards for my own use when I want to do so.

There was one of the larger races of woodpeckers drumming on a snag down in the hollow, as I sat in the swing. They’ve been doing that a lot lately. I don’t know if it’s to proclaim territory or attract a mate, but it definitely gets your attention. It has to be one cause or the other, though, for there wouldn’t be any bugs in a snag hard enough to resonate like that. The bugs are in the soft, rotten snags. Years ago, a red-headed woodpecker took to drumming on the downspouts on the farm house where I was raised, so you KNOW he wasn’t drilling for bugs! It’s nice to hear them in the DISTANCE, though. © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

They had to ship that bent metal around the world and also pay expensive executives to make the decision to buy it for 5 cents and sell for $24. The guy in the US who would have made it is out of work so the cost is really 24 plus whatever assistance the taxpayers have to put out for an unemployed worker. So it is really expensive in the long run.
You might want to put some sealant around the metal before sticking it together and test with water. Sounds like a neat project. Lots of rain here, not doing much outside until I have to go to work where much is done in the rain, hope my rain jacket holds out.

Its Time to Live said...

Your woodpecker is doing both sounding his territory and making sure the women know where he is. If you listen for a while you will be able to tell his territory boundaries as he will sound them out for you.

deborah harvey said...

one thing that peeves me is that we are told to make smaller our 'carbon footprint', meanwhile everything is shipped all over the world from outer mongolia and inner zambesi.
then we are scolded that we are the cause of global warming.
pols are idiots.
of course, in their case, being an idiot pays well.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm actually using plastic gutter, SF, since I think bleach will interact with aluminum.

I'm sure you're right, ITtL, but I probably don't sit there long enough at a stretch to figure it out.

Yeah, Al Gore, with his jet, limo and Hummer thinks we should all live in caves.