Monday, May 29, 2017

A Mixed Bag Sort Of Day

The missus took me out for lunch today at one of our favorite restaurants. For some reason, though, she ordered one of the “diet” meals, maybe because it was cheap (and SHE was paying for it). Figuring I’d better not break her budget, either, I ordered one of the less expensive meals also. It was okay, but certainly nothing to brag about. She complained that there wasn’t anything TO hers and there wasn’t, understandably. I wish she’d have let me buy; I imagine we BOTH would have eaten better.

Leaving the restaurant, we headed up through town toward the next town on the other side of the river. Before leaving our own neck of the woods, though, I saw a little dog in a front lawn on my right cross my lane about 200 yards distant, heading for a couple old ladies walking along the street on the opposite side. I slowed down slightly and a second later, a SECOND little dog crossed my lane. I slowed down more. Before we could get there, some young woman in a bikini ran across the lane and I began almost creeping along. Arriving on the scene, the young woman was kneeling on the ground wailing beside her apparently dead little dog in the wide median strip, as a woman somewhere around my age was walking back to her, apparently the driver who’d hit the animal. Traffic was stopped in the other lane, but I moved slowly on.

I don’t know how the little dogs happened to be loose, but negligence was involved on SOMEBODY’S part. I don’t know if the driver had everything on her mind except driving, was in an animated conversation with a passenger, was talking on her phone or texting, but if I saw the dogs 200 yards away, there was no excuse for HER not to see them and SLOW DOWN. If her vision was to blame, she probably shouldn’t be driving. I always think, “What if that had been a CHILD?” The negligence of two or more people caused the unnecessary death of the poor little animal. I was angry and disgusted; my wife was in tears. I eventually calmed down, and so did she, but she was affected the rest of the day.

We went to Chinamart in the town across the river for a while, then. She got a decoration to put on her great-grandmother’s grave and I TRIED to get a box of staples for my desk stapler. I’ve been watching our town’s two Chinamart stores for weeks, and all they seem to carry is some sort of “industrial” staples for electric staplers, even though they sell several models of the manual kind of stapler. They had ONE box in the store that I was in today, but when I went to check out at “express” lane, there was a problem with a woman’s credit card  or something, so after several minutes, I just laid down the staples and left.

We then went home and got the pooch and headed for a cemetery just across the county line where the mother of my wife’s maternal grandmother is buried. She said that her and her mom decorated the grave when she was young, but figured it had been 40-50 years since the grave had been decorated and she felt bad about it. After dragging the pooch along with us for a few minutes as we hobbled over the sidling hilltop cemetery, we finally found the grave and placed the small wreath. We then drove on to the next little town and made a loop on the other side of the town to come back home another way. We used to take a LOT of long drives, but we can rarely spare the gas anymore, so it was an enjoyable drive for us. We noticed a lot of change since we’d last been through the area. I guess we don’t live in our own world anymore, but in someone else’s.

The pooch, tired from her extended ambling in the cemetery, slept well on the drive back and even when we got home. This evening, the missus said her stomach was in an uproar and wondered if I’d mind taking her to the sign of the tarnished arches to get an ice-cream cone, so I did. We got one for the Mighty Dachshund, too, and she thoroughly enjoyed it (though I eat the cone itself). We’re now settled in for the evening, wishing there was something on TV worth watching, but there isn’t. So, here I am on the computer and it sounds like my wife and the pooch are napping in front of the boob tube in the next room.

I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day. © 2017


chipmunk said...

We have a hard time finding anything worth watching on TV any more, as well. Lately we're down to M*A*S*H & Frasier reruns, and are going through Larkrise to Candleford (I think that's through Amazon) for the second time.

Harry Flashman said...

Not long ago, I told my wife that even someone who is retarded can get a license to drive a vehicle weighing up to two tons. It's a frightening thought.

People here just run down the small wild life without compunction. I've seen people swerve to hit possums or squirrels. Makes me sick. Overall, my respect for the human race is not high.

Janet said...

We very rarely take drives in the country either, but decided to get out of our rut and on the road. My husband just took out and we headed west toward Ryan, Oklahoma. It was about 30 miles away. The drive turned into mostly desolate looking ranch land with a lot of cattle. On the way there and back we met two cars.

We drove down the main street of Ryan. It is one of the many old, decaying towns in this county. The interesting thing is I learned it was the birthplace of Chuck Norris. From what I read about him, he had a rough bringing up.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, chipmunk, it's TOUGH!

Yeah, Harry, usually the deliberate wildlife murderers are males 16-25.

Maybe that's what made him tough, Janet.