Saturday, May 13, 2017

Getting Your Money’s Worth (or not)

The missus and I splurged and got salads for lunch at Panera Bread today. Even though the cost was about four bucks higher than it was a few years ago, the quality was considerably lower. There was WAY less chicken than they used to include and they didn’t even put any olives in my wife’s Greek salad. She went back and got some!

Later, as she checked out Big Lots, I drove by the front of Rural King and looked at what they had outside. Everything is more costly than it SHOULD be, but one item absolutely shocked me. They had a little chicken house that measured about five feet high, by four feet deep by six feet long. The access door was only large enough for a child or VERY small adult to get in and clean it. It seemed to be well made, but there was NO WAY that it was worth the $1020 they were asking for it. The amazing thing is that there must be a few idiots out there willing to pay such prices or they wouldn’t carry them. It must be the barn-red/white-trim paint job. © 2017


deborah harvey said...

build a few and sell them!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I ate there once long ago and liked the soup but since I cook it was obviously not worth what they charged. The ingredients and labor isn't all that much for most items, people want to pay for the fad of going to places like that I guess.
Anyone who ever raised chickens would not waste time or money getting a store bought chicken coop unless it was about $100 or less. Too many easy ways to build a secure one. One of the best thing is to use metal lath panels and some scrap lumber and a couple sheets of old roofing metal. I like to build mine up off the ground so that I can secure the floor from digging predators.

D said...

Mr. Smythe, my dh reads your blog faithfully, so I came to see what's up after he read your first line to me. ;) We noticed the same several months ago and haven't been back since. Thank goodness we grow our own lettuce!

You are absolutely right_ inflation is everywhere, but the government massages all the numbers and sells it to us like snake oil salesmen. Fedspeak! Being quite price sensitive, I complain about the cost of things and how folks aren't paying much attention, especially at the register when checking out; invariably there is an item being rung up whereas the price on the shelf is different. It tends to frustrate the customer behind us as a "runner" has to go verify it. They must have more money than brains.

Hope you and your missus has a wonderful day!

Gorges Smythe said...

Maybe I SHOULD, dh!

Yeah, SF, I've even seen a couple dandy hen houses made from plastic children's playhouses from yard sales.

Thanks for reading, D. I've always said, all this inflation is "part of the plan."

Sixbears said...

Panera Bread just discontinued the sandwich I used to get. It's 120 miles away from me so I don't go that often.

There seems to be a big drop in quality but a big jump in prices lately.

Janet said...

We quit eating out years ago. I am not fond of food prepared by strangers (perhaps with diseases and unwashed hands) and have seen the kitchens in some restaurants and gagged. It is inconvenient sometimes but all our food is prepared by me and while it may be a simple meal, I know where it came from. Just sayin' And, yes, the prices in most eating establishments are ridiculous.

Gorges Smythe said...

It seems to be the same with EVERY business, Sixbears!

I can't say that I blame you, Janet.

deborah harvey said...

if there are regular inconsistencies in price, report the business to the state bureau of weights and measures.
inspectors will come in and read the riot act.
also, unless, no other options, quit patronizing a repeat offender and go to another store.
also word of mouth against the offender.