Thursday, May 25, 2017

Is the EU NATO’s Single Biggest Threat?

Ask 1000 people and you may get 2000 opinions, but I believe the greatest threat to NATO is NOT the U.S. cutting funding, ongoing terrorism, or even Russia. I believe the greatest threat to NATO (for whatever value the organization may have in the first place) is the European Union. The EU is just another tool of the globalists, who seek to destabilize and destroy independent nations and lead us into an age of one world government, aka the New World Order, first praised in this country by Bush the elder.

Contrary to what they say, the homogenization they seek is NOT to make government more efficient; large governments never are. Nor are they humanitarian in any way, since the economies of the member nations have suffered terribly under its rule. It’s simply the old struggle for money and power by those who already have too much of both.

The situation in Syria was, by and large, caused deliberately by Obama, at the behest of his global handlers. Thus, the Syrian “refugees” flooded into Europe through the open borders that the EU had created. The huge influx of heathen hordes has overwhelmed and destabilized most of Europe (which was the whole idea). Only England finally had the good sense to try to get out of the union.

The idea of NATO was for an organization of INDEPENDENT nations to stand together in mutual defense. However, if those nations metamophisize into one giant quagmire of inefficiency and anarchy, their purpose will be totally undone. That, of course, is what the globalists want. Only by staying strong INDEPENENT nations can they truly be ready to assist one another when needed.

No clearer illustration of the intellectual divide on this subject exists than our own President Trump pushing for hard borders and strong military to preserve freedom and safety while Angela Merkel, head of the EU’s defacto ruling nation, talks of building bridges instead of walls. Understandably, she’s often been called Germany’s Hillary.

Europe has a choice; they can trust themselves for their own defense, or they can trust the very people who seek to destroy them for profit. Their remaining freedoms as individual nations and the future of NATO both depend on the rest of Europe waking up, as England is trying to do. © 2017

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