Tuesday, May 16, 2017

More Aggravation

Well, I went back to Kroger’s to get my medication today, only to discover that Medicaid says that I’m no longer covered. I have to wonder why they bothered sending me a new card recently, then. I guess I’ll be calling the DHHR tomorrow.

Then, I get home and hear of Comey’s insinuation that Trump tried to influence him to drop the “Russia/Trump Investigation.” First, Comey is a proven liar. Second, IF IT DID HAPPEN, he should have spilled the beans back in February, when it supposedly occurred. Third, with Trump getting ready to take a trip to visit foreign governments, the timing of Comey’s release looks VERY suspicious.

Concerning BOTH of these matters, it’s a shame there’s no hunting season on bureaucrats, they definitely need thinning.


Mike said...

I pray for an open season of politicians! Life would get back to normal in a hurry.
As for Comey, he needs to be sent to GITMO tonight, waterboard him until he can swim the English Channel in record time then shoot him by firing squad.

These people are traitors and they are wrecking our country.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Had you entered the country illegally there would be no question of your medical needs being covered.
I can't remember when I watched any national news, it is so biased and nothing but lies, I can trust Trump a lot further than I can trust those low lifes.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm with you, Mike!

Well, SF, I guess I have no alternative but to commit a felony.