Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yesterday Was A Loooooong Day!

I once again didn’t sleep that well the night before last, then got up at a time that was early for me. I took Mom’s lower plate to the dentist to be repaired but, understandably, they told me that they would need her upper plate also, to try and match them properly. I should have thought of that I guess.
We then scraped together enough change to buy breakfast at the sign of the fallen arches, thus avoiding having to break into our grocery budget to have breakfast out.

I then went to the rehab center and got Mom’s upper plate and returned to the dentist’s office. Only THEN did they give me papers that would need filled out and signed before I could pick them up.

With all the running around, it was approaching noon, so we went home to get the pooch to take her to the vet for her ear infection. On arrival, we learned that all the vets were in emergency surgery and wouldn’t be available until 2 o’clock. So we took the long way to Sam’s Club and then the pooch and I tried unsuccessfully to snooze while the missus passed a little time looking at things she couldn’t afford to buy.

Back at the vet’s, finally, we were ushered into an exam room soon after arriving. I requested that we NOT get the red-headed guy who was willing to let our dog die a couple visits back because we didn’t have an extra $100 in our pockets (we went home and scraped it up). We ended up with a very nice young vet whose last name matched that of one of my ancestors. Her husband is AUTOMATICALLY a relative, since all people in this country with that name are descended from one man. We didn’t get out of the vet’s until 3:30 and spent $225 of our vehicle emergency repair savings.

THEN, I had to take the papers to Mom and get them signed, and rush them over to the dentist’s and pick up the dentures before they closed. Naturally, I then had to take Mom her dentures. They didn’t fit just right, but good enough that she can use them until she can get then adjusted.

On arriving home, we continued to hear a single kitten mewing from under the enclosed crawlspace of our house. We’d been hearing it for at least 24 hours, so I figured the neighbor’s tailless cat had found some way in and left it there. As evening wore on, though, I decided to see if the spot I thought might have given the cat access was actually open. So, I went out in the dark in my skivvies and with a flashlight and learned that the crawlspace still appeared to be sealed.

THAT made me wonder if the kitten had somehow found a spot where it crawled in and the mother couldn’t follow. I hadn’t heard the kitten for a few hours, so I was hoping it hadn’t starved. I opened the access door to the space and blocked it so it couldn’t blow closed, hoping that I wasn’t doing it too late.

Sitting on the swing to catch my breath a few minutes later, the porch light suddenly came on! I told my wife, when she stuck her head out the door, that I was glad I wasn’t standing in the lawn watering the dandelions when she flipped on the light. Otherwise, I would have been exposed to the neighbors and any passing cars on the county road. I went to bed pooped from the day’s activities and aggravations.

The missus told me she heard the kitten this morning before I got up, so maybe all is well in the world of feline perpetuation. I don’t care much for cats, but what normal person can dislike kittens? © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

You don't need many days like that.

Joy said...

What is it your wife looks at that she can't afford?

Gorges Smythe said...

True enough, SF.

Most anything at times, Joy; but there's always next month.