Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I Wrote A Letter

Now I think I'll send a copy to my state and national representatives.

Dear X:

I come from honest, hard-working stock. My family came through the Great Depression and other downturns in the economy over the years with no help from the government. They never collected “commodities” or “relief” in the old days, or welfare or food stamps in later decades. The first couple times that I qualified for unemployment, I didn’t even sign up for it.

Things are different these days though, I’m 62 and on disability and had Medicaid. My wife finally got Obamacare last year, but Blue Cross/Blue Shield raised her premium $267 a month this year and we didn’t know which ten days of the month we shouldn’t eat or drive our car, so we had to drop it. My wife just began drawing about $600 a month Social Security at age 74. The next time that I went to get my medications, I found that Medicaid had dropped me without even having the common decency to let me know. I was suddenly supposed to start paying $800 a month for medication, plus pay for all doctors, procedures and hospital costs. I haven’t checked yet to see if I qualify for Medicare Part A, but it wouldn’t cover doctors or meds, and I can’t afford Parts B and D, or the insurance to cover what Medicare doesn’t.

I’m not one of those idiots who think healthcare is a Constitutional right. It’s strictly a product available to those who can afford it. What burns me, though, is that I know families on their fifth generation of living on the government dole. THEY have healthcare, just like most of the legal and ILLEGAL aliens in this country who’ve never paid taxes in their lives. It’s also galling to hear both democrats and republicans talk of cutting Social Security for the elderly, but never welfare or food stamps for those who choose not to work.

Had I not qualified for Medicaid for a while, I wouldn’t have my pacemaker. Today, I had to cancel a routine check of the pacemaker because I have no way to pay for it. The fact is, I'm a Christian and not afraid of death, but I don't appreciate basically being bumped off so OTHERS can have an easy life.

My ancestors and I, and millions of people like us are the folks who have spent our lives working and paying taxes that this country might continue operating. Don’t you think it’s time that WE get a little help, instead of all of the ungrateful freeloaders?



Mike said...

Send it!
And, send it to as many newspapers as you can find e-mail addresses for. We've got to be heard so every opportunity must be taken to get the message out there.

deborah harvey said...

i am peeved by foreign aid.
not much gets to its ostensible end point and i'm sure every politician through whose hands it passes shaves off a layer.
so the people in the aid countries are as poor and bereft of infrastructure and clinics as ever while the scum in their governments live like rajahs.
how much of that plane load of money obama sent to iran [where did he get it? who authorized it?]
ended up in whose swiss bank accounts?

Harry Flashman said...

Damn, you are sure getting the crappy end of the stick. Change your name to Rajaminabrapasutra, or Abduel Sandmanallah Hussein, or Jose Gonzolez Maria Inglesia Lopez De Basura. That's the only thing I know that would help. Nobody gives a tinkers damn about old white people.

Or white people in general.

Now we are both registered racists, Gorges. You said "black" once on your blog and I said "white." I expect Jesse and Al are already on their way down to burn us out.

Gorges Smythe said...

I will, as I can, Mike.

Valid points, dh.

Gee, Harry, did you miss "nigger?" - lol