Friday, June 30, 2017

Just Another Day

I took my wife to Chinamart to get her hair cut. It’s about the only place she can afford anymore, and even there, it varies from girl to girl. I did my best to beat in some time, but ended up sitting by the magazines on the handicapped scooter I was using and trying to nap. It didn’t work; it never does.

I DID get a laugh while I was there. I once worked in the Ames shovel factory here, before they moved most of their production to China and the rest to Pennsylvania (to be done by Mexicans). As a result, I can’t resist checking Chinamart’s tools to see what sort of crap Ames is putting out. Today, I saw a sharp-pointed wooden-handled “digging shovel” shaped like an elongated pentagon, with the company name deeply embossed on the blade in letters probably 1-1/2 inches tall. Can you imagine trying to get red clay to let go of a blade with such a texture? Laughable if it wasn’t so stupid. The blade looked just like the ones on the shovels Ames used to get in from Mexico on occasion. We laughed at the pine handles, too,back then.

I’d planned to do a couple things today, but the plans of the missus always seem to interfere with my plans, so I ended up not doing diddly-squat. It didn’t help that I was up late last night reading an editor’s handiwork and writing a sidebar and so slept later than I intended. Whenever I get paid for the story (probably autumn), I’ll have to use the funds to have one of my molars pulled. Another chunk of it about the size of a small pea came out tonight. I hope I can wait that long, or I’ll have to raid my truck-repair budget.

For a couple years, I’ve had two plants at the edge of my yard that have concerned me. They look somewhat like berry canes, but appear to have a zillion more briars. Just by chance, I found out on the internet that they’re wine berries, a type of Asian raspberry. THAT’S a relief. I looked at them again today and they have a good-many berries, but the birds will probably get them before they ripen.

We dropped by my stepson’s for a few minutes this evening so the missus wouldn’t forget what he looked like and so she could give our youngest granddaughter a couple little patriotic bracelets for the Fourth. I was glad to hear that the granddaughter is going to a camp this summer where they spend a lot of time outdoors and (hopefully) learning about nature. That will be good for her. I guess she isn’t going over to visit her mom anymore, as her dad says the woman is hanging with druggies again. She’s got a new baby (illegitimate) which she’ll lose if she falls off the wagon. Some folks never learn,

Time to go. Hope your day was more thrilling than mine! © 2017


Vicki said...

Ah, Gorges...There is something to be said for quiet days. I do enjoy hearing about yours.

deborah harvey said...

non-thrilling is good

Joy said...

the other day the checker at the grocery store said have a nice weekend and don't have too much fun. I assured him there was no danger in that happening. ;) Quiet is good.

Ralph Goff said...

Sometimes excitement is over-rated. I keep pretty busy but my life is a lot quieter than yours.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

They have what I think are chinese shovels in the garden center at lowes, the handles are what appears to be steel and the whole thing is as heavy as a loaded normal shovel. It is the kind of shovel that you would give to someone who was sentenced to hard labor. People are buying them which goes along with the CNN stupid people thing you also posted.

Lady Locust said...

Most new tools are pretty much garbage. I've been on the lookout for a tilling fork for a while, but I couldn't justify what they were asking for something that looked like it would bend or break if I used it. I was at a friends the other day and there was a fork hanging on their dog kennel. I commented on how "cool" it was and they said to take it. It was junk to them that they found walking by the river so picked it up. It's rusty but one of the old good ones with triangle tines rather than flat like the newer ones. I just need a handle and I can dig me some spuds. So all that to say - why yes I agree.

Janet said...

We bought some tools from Easy Digging a couple of years ago and are very pleased with the quality. They are made in Missouri. A relief to find a quality tool. Our other tools came from estate sales and are "oldies but goodies".

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad you enjoy it, Vicki.

I guess it beats exasperation, dh! - lol

Yeah, Joy, but fun is okay.

That's because you don't have a wife dragging you out amongst the heathens, Ralph! - lol

LOL - Yeah, like they say, SF, common sense isn't very common anymore.

I prefer the old ones, too, LL.

Thanks for the link, Janet!