Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Pooch And The Bugs

The Mighty Dachshund began torturing the missus to get me up at 3AM this morning. That’s 2-3 hours ahead of normal. First, though, she wanted me to stand over her while she ever so SLOWLY ate the remains of the McDonald’s cheeseburger that we’d given her for supper the evening before. Only THEN was she willing to let me take her outside to pee. Outside, she barely wet the ground. Obviously, she just wanted to see my smiling face while she chowed down in the wee hours. She has me trained SO well!

She was okay then, until I got up at mid-morning, still tired from our “big day” yesterday. After draining and dumping, she laid at my feet on the porch as I sat in the swing and enjoyed the scene and sounds around me. The woods were filled with the usual birdsong while a couple crows had a conversation in the distance.

Gradually, I noticed the area about one o’clock from me and 20 feet away begin filling with tiny white or grey moths or millers. They were so small that they could almost have passed for dandelion fuzz, except that I could see them flapping their wings as they drifted upward and onward with the almost imperceptible breeze. Watching closely, I traced them back to a spot on the lawn not much bigger than my little dog, with most coming from an area smaller than a saucer.

For several minutes they kept taking flight and drifting into the distance with no sign of stopping. Finally, a large snake-feeder (dragonfly) noticed them and began swooping through the cloud of moving new life like some bat on his erratic bug-catching flight. This continued for a few more minutes until a robin, which had been hunting bugs under the white oak tree 50 feet away happened to look up. He immediately found the tiny area of heaviest concentration and started gobbling hungrily on the little hatch before most of the members could get airborne. This, also, went on several minutes with the robin dining on the ground and the dragonfly eating in flight. Little by little the swarm diminished, either from the appetite of the robin or having simply run its course. Finally there weren’t enough left to hold either the robin or the dragonfly and they both moved on to other banquets.

The show over, I took the pooch inside and we began planning our day, me and the missus that is, the pooch had HER say at 3AM! © 2017


c w swanson said...

It's the circle of life. Every year here there's something that has a population explosion. This year, it's moths, the bigger kind, about thumb size. From seemingly nowhere, one suddenly flew up at Mrs CW the other day in the kitchen. The sound she made when startled like that was, I'm ashamed to say, very amusing.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Our dog likes to wait until I go get the horse and mark her territory out where the coyotes and other animals pass through. I doubt they care if a border collie cross is marking the territory but those trips seem to be a highlight of her day.

Gorges Smythe said...

Hopefully, she doesn't go totally hysterical over moths and butterflies like my ex did, CW.

She probably knows better than to go out there at night and do it, SF.

deborah harvey said...

never heard 'snake-feeder'. daddy called dragonflies 'snake doctors'. don't know the origins of these epithets.

Gorges Smythe said...

I think I've heard them called snake doctors, too, dh. I don't know how either term originated.