Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Most Treasured Books (w/pic)

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I’ve decided to sell some of my most treasured books. It’s not that I’m desperate for money, though more is always better. It’s that I pretty much know how to do those things that I’m able and willing to do at this point in my life, and I’m just too unhealthy to start many of the things that I’d once planned to try. And so, I’m offering them to you folks before I advertise them elsewhere.

You might call them original homesteading books for the “back-to-the-landers” of the Great Depression and the war years. With a couple exceptions, they are compilations of articles about things that folks can do to better their lives. Considering when they were written, quite a few articles are hopelessly out of date. However, many more are timeless—just as valid today as when the books were first published. These books contain ways to recycle, to do your own plumbing, electrical and construction work, and build everything from bird-houses to homes for people. In between are shelters for swine, fowl, sheep and cattle, and equipment to handle them with. There is advice on how to set up the home shop, how to do finish work and build doors, do metal work, and make lamps, furniture and crafts (mostly for men). There are also plans for “toys” for both kids and adults. The books are listed below:

Carpentry, by Gilbert Townsend, basically a start-to-finish book on homebuilding from the craftsman era. Originally copy-righted in 1918, this is a 1943 printing.

Make it Yourself-900 Things to Make and Do, originally published by Popular Mechanics in 1927, this volume is in new condition and was republished by Lindsey Publications in 1998.

Five Acres and Independence, by M.G. Kains –  1944 printing of the 1935 timeless classic on all things homesteading.

380 Things to Make for Farm and Home by Glen Charles Cook, a book on improvements mostly with wood and concrete, still valid today, 1941

500 More Things to Make for Farm and Home, also by Cook – one of the most varied books for ideas, 1944

It’s Fun To Make It Yourself by Stacey Maney – a lot of general wood-working, furniture making and metal work, 1944

Farm Mechanics – Text and Handbook – by G.C. Cook, L.L. Scranton and H.F. McColly – the actual mechanical section is the most out-of–date of any of the books, but it has excellent sections on welding, construction, heating, plumbing and lighting, 1946


c w swanson said...

I love old books like that. I'll give that for them. Let me know the cost of shipping, email me the info, and I'll send the coin.

c w swanson said...

Ok, you'll get that info tomorrow. Looking forward to some good reads.

Gorges Smythe said...

Great. I think You'll enjoy them.

Joy said...

Enjoy, C.W. I thought 'Five Acres and Independence' looked good.

Gorges Smythe said...

Joy, you can still buy either originals or reprints of that book if you're interested.