Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Charlie Gard

To look at this tragedy logically, we must first acknowledge that socialized medicine is RATIONED medicine. Many folks refuse to accept that idea, but we are speaking of all procedures being paid for by government money, theoretically, the government can’t spend more than the year’s budget. If more people need care than there is money to pay for, then some people will be left untreated. The method for deciding who gets treatment could be done either by using a triage system, or by operating on a first come–first serve system until the money runs out. It could also be done by a lottery system, but that would seem rather cavalier.

In the beginning then, there was a logical reason for the English hospital and judge saying “no more time and money for Charlie Gard.” The obvious reason was that they did not have the ability in that country to save him, so any fruitless attempt to do so could quite easily deny life to some other person who WAS curable. That argument went out the window, however, when the parents raised enough money to take the child to America without using any more government funds. At that moment, the issue became one of power and ego. The government refused to accept the fact that parents, NOT government, have the right to make health decisions for their children, as long as they’re footing the bill. The hospital simply refused to believe that an AMERICAN doctor (for GAWD’S SAKE) might be able to do what THEY could not.

We all know that such treatment was NOT a sure thing, but done at the appropriate time, it MIGHT have worked. However, the English hospital and government managed to drag things on long enough, that the little boy’s death is now completely unavoidable. Therefore, from the moment they refused to let the parents take Charlie to the U.S., those in power became murders. No Charlie isn’t dead quite yet, but he soon will be thanks to them. Most of the world sees the blood on their hands, and I believe Almighty God will see it, too, come Judgment Day. © 2017


Penny said...

How is this logic not very easily grasped? I think the writing on the wall is in huge bold letters and I don't like what it says. Trouble ahead, for sure.

M. Silvius said...

Folks fail to recognize that when you thrust unto-another the responsibility of providing anything for you, the provider immediately assumes authority over you. And he gets to determine, how much, how often, the quality of, or even if, he will provide. You become his property to do with as he pleases...... No thanks.

Gorges Smythe said...

I fear so, Penny.

I'm afraid that's the future, though, Michael. Too many idiots voting these days.