Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day By Day, And Calling Out Greed

There are a couple problems with getting older. One is that you can’t do what you once did. Another problem is that you don’t remember if you do. (Actually, there are MANY problems with getting older, but I won’t go there today.)

As best as I can remember, the only thing that I accomplished Monday was to get my finger nails and toe nails trimmed, and those of the pooch as well. I’d been putting both off for far too long, since the dog was beginning to walk sideways and the circus approached me about being one of their side-shows as the long-nailed man from the West Virginia woods. I suspect that I may have done something else that day, but that’s all I remember.

Now Tuesday, I took my recently acquired garden sickle and cut the grass and weeds that try to grow along the front porch where the mower can’t reach. I’m pretty sure that there were two other things that I did that day, but they’re lost to history. I DID go to Kroger’s and pick up a med that they would normally have charged me $34 for, but sold to me for $11 by price-matching Chinamart.

Today, I took the truck to the shop to learn why it began blowing steam or something out the AC vents yesterday evening. (We were able to get by just by turning the AC off and putting the windows down, since the main heat of the day was past.) I’d been asking the Lord to make it a cheap fix and He answered my prayer to the affirmative. I had to spend $4 to get a “kit” so I could tighten the valve at the “in” port of my AC. Whew! I suspect it’s been lose for about five years now, since I’ve had to add Freon every year. I’ll see if that ends the problem. I also got one of those cans of Freon that’s been advertised showing the thieving dog. I think it’s to the point of needing a little added.

I also picked up another med at Kroger’s today. They would have charged me $24, if I hadn’t mentioned that they only charged me $4 last time. Once again, it was a Chinamart match and I got it for $4. Now what gets me is this: I seriously doubt if Chinamart is using the drugs as loss leaders. I could be wrong, but I’d lay money that they’re still getting some mark-up. In that case, Kroger’s probably is too. So is it REALLY necessary to add $23 to the cost of the first med and $20 to the second? That seems pretty greedy to me.

I originally started getting my meds at Kroger’s because Chinamart was ridiculously understaffed and the wait was too long. That was remedied long ago. I continued getting them at Kroger’s because I LOATHE giving so much money to Chinamart, since we do nearly ALL of our shopping there. What I’m struggling with is this: Does a company THAT greedy, deserve my continued business, even if they DO match Chinamart’s price when asked? © 2017


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thankfully you were able to get by without too much expense. It's amazing if you follow WMT or Amazon news. It's a war between them with both making so much demands on vendors and their business partners.

Sixbears said...

They say memory is the second thing to go. . . can't remember what the first one is.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

We shop at Kroger for most things as they provide better service, if walmart saw people getting checked out quickly, they would close a lane.
I have noticed the same thing about Kroger being greedy. They raised the price of cereal 50 cents and then put a sign up that said new lower prices as if to further state how stupid they must think the customers are. I don't buy it.
I'm afraid that you may as well keep buying from them if you can get the price down as the greed is everywhere because there are so many people who don't pay attention and can be fooled. They will give the deal to a smart one just to keep it quiet.

deborah harvey said...

kroger may be paying staff a decent wage, better than walmart.?

long ago parents lived in yuma, arizona.
i went to mexico with their neighbor to fill dad's scrip, and the tablet that was a nickel there was 1.25$ here. the nickel tablet was sold at a profit.

Pumice said...

When we go to Part D on Medicare in a few months we are told we must go to Walmart but I don't think we will be getting medications as cheap as we do now. Imagine if it were all single payer with no competition and the moderates in congress decide a good way to raise more money is to raise drug prices.

Grace and peace.

Joy said...

An observation on not remembering what you had done the previous day: I've had the thought that if I happened to be in a court of law and the lawyer asked me, "On such and such date, where were you and what were you doing...?" I'd be found guilty of the crime cause I couldn't remember any particulars! Basically I do mostly the same things every day and don't venture too far away from home--which actually means I'm quite content. I think. ;)

Gorges Smythe said...

And I'm very thankful for that, Kathy. I think that once some paperwork is taken care of, I'll be able to get the stuff even cheaper through the mail.

Neither can I, Sixbears, neither can I! ;-)

You're probably right, SF, at least for now.

There's big money in dope, dh, even the legal kind!

Anything is yet possible, Pumice; most of the reps are as crooked as the dems.

There's a lot to be said for contentment, Joy.